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What Are You Going To Do When The Pain is Stronger Than Your Medicine?

The Well-Being Journal

Drawing on Your Inner Power to Heal Yourself...

by Dr. Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R., R.E.A.T.


The Well Being Journal Book Cover

A guide to the Art of self-healing...

THE WELL-BEING JOURNAL takes you on an inner journey through the psychological roots of pain and illness to your own natural power to heal.


"At the age of 35, I came down with a life-threatening disease which turned out to be the greatest teacher I've ever had. This book is the result of the lessons I learned from that illness"  

Dr. Lucia Capacchione

Health research shows that writing about one's illness or chronic pain strengthens the immune system and reduces dependence on medical intervention. 

This book contains drawing, writing, imagery and meditation techniques for enhancing health and well-being. 

The reader learns how to identify psychological causes of stress or disease and how to create a self-nurturing lifestyle. 

This book is based on the author's training programs for health care professionals and workshops for persons living with AIDS, HIV positive, cancer and chronic pain.

Recent  research shows that writing our feelings about an illness or traumatic experience actually improves the efficiency of the immune system. In this groundbreaking book, 

Dr. Lucia Capacchione shares a unique method of journal-keeping that she developed while recovering from a life-threatening collagen disease. 

Her simple techniques include effective ways to:

  • Listen to your body

  • Love and nurture yourself

  • Let your Inner Child out to play

  • Create a personal support system

  • Decode messages hidden in symptoms

  • Discover the healing power of dreams

  • Find guidance in the wisdom of the body

"Capacchione's work is great! I recommend her books to people I work with who have a variety of problems. I think both drawing and writing encourage a fundamental need that we have for self-expression. There may be an added benefit to writing in that it translates experiences into language--which helps the person to resolve a trauma more quickly."

Prof. James W. Pennebaker  
Department of Psychology
Southern Methodist University

The Well Being Journal, paperback 155 pages 

Printed book

Amazon Kindle eBook

Chapter titles include:

A Journal of Healing:  the psychology of the body, the journal process, uses of art and reflective writing for healing and well-being. writing with your other hand, guidelines to journal-keeping

Body Awareness: Body mapping, breathing meditation, the body parts speak

Body image: history and beliefs - how I see myself, body conversation and much more

Self-care: Nurturing Body, Mind and Spirit, foods and moods, eating patterns, getting unhooked, nurturing all of me, My nurturing self and more

Relaxation and Re-Creation: drawing your feelings out, a dance on paper, tension and slowing down, where the time goes, time to play

Supportive Relationships: My own best friend, the gift of friendship, personal support group, picture me sexual, the facts of love, male and female, the marriage within

Healing from the Inner Self: Dreams remembering and recording, the dream body, the healing dream, the Healer Within, Health affirmations, solitude, meditation, prayer, endings and new beginnings

Want to know more? What is Art Therapy?

Quote from The Picture of Health - Healing Your Life with Art by Dr Lucia Capacchione

"Since the mid-1970's I have shared my discoveries at seminars for people of all ages and occupations: in schools and colleges, churches, corporations, counseling centers, and spiritual retreats."

"Over the years I have documented my discoveries and techniques in many books (Self Discovery Bookstore) The feedback has been so inspiring, especially in regard to the healing power of art, that I was moved to write this book. It includes not only my personal story and triumph over difficult odds and a life-threatening condition, but the impressive success stories of others."

"I became an art therapist in 1975 after healing an "incurable" disease primarily through spontaneous drawing and writing. At the time of my illness, I was a professional artist and teacher. I had never heard of art therapy, and there were no popular books on the subject. My spontaneous self-exploration through art was undoubtedly guided by a higher healing power within, taking me step by step back home to my Inner Self. 

"When you read my story you will see how the Inner Artist has played the role of healer throughout my life. Through the writing and drawing exercises, affirmations, visualizations, meditations, and inspirational stories, I hope you will find the healing power of your own Inner Artist. I have found that tremendous love - for yourself and for others - becomes the overflowing pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. it comes with the joy of finding and expressing your own truth." 

Dr. Lucia Capacchione

"There is a simplicity and innocence in the way the book unfolds because it uses the tools and language of the child. Yet it is profound in its impact."

Robert Ault, A.T.R.
The Menninger Foundation

About the Author

Dr. Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R., R.E.A.T. is an Art Therapist Registered & Registered Expressive Art Therapist, artist, psychologist, popular international workshop leader, author of 12 books, including her newest release, Living With Feeling; Visioning Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams, and the best-selling Recovery of Your Inner Child. The originator of the Creative Journal Method, Dr. Capacchione is recognized as a pioneer in health and healing through creativity. As a career counselor, she has conducted job outplacement seminars, talent development, and corporate consulting for business and industry, including such clients as Hallmark, Mattel, and Walt Disney Imagineering. She lives near Big Sur, California

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