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Voice Dialogue Series

Video Explanations
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About Dr Hal and Sidra L Stone
The Voice Dialogue Series

Hal Stone, Ph.D. and Sidra Stone, Ph.D.

To: Friends of Voice Dialogue
This letter is to announce the completion of a complete documentary on our work. This series consists of 12 new videotapes and 8 new audiocassettes and was filmed in the United States and Australia over the past three years. Michael Domeyko Rowland, a well-known Australian consciousness teacher and filmmaker, envisioned this series, conducted the interviews, and served as its director. It was produced by Dr. John Coroneos, a physician and filmmaker from Sydney.

In our wildest fantasies we couldn't have imagined a more remarkable gift than that which Michael and John have given us with the production of this documentary. They have invested approximately $750,000 in the development of the films and tapes in order to create a truly professional product. We are very grateful to them for their deep commitment to our work and for the excellence of this series. This documentary is being distributed throughout the world by their production company, Wiseone Edutainment.

If you are involved in Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves in any capacity, these outstanding films will be of real value to you. The first tape of the series is an eleven minute introduction to the work and to the remainder of the series. It has been specifically designed for use as an initial presentation to help to introduce newcomers to the work and to arouse their interest in further information. It contains special 3D computer graphics that show how the personality forms and develops. The eleven remaining hour-long tapes combine interviews (which contain both personal anecdotes and objective information), demonstration sessions where we use each other as subjects, and segments of a two-day live Voice Dialogue Training Workshop that we did on Michael's mountain property in Blackheath, Australia. All these are interwoven most effectively.

As for specific content, the series begins with the development of the primary selves and what it means to separate from them. We move on to the disowned selves and their impact on us. We discuss how these selves operate in our lives and how the bonding patterns they create impact relationships. We describe and demonstrate the nature of the Aware Ego and speak of the new vision of spirituality that emerges as we accept our commitment to embracing all of the selves. We emphasize the energetics of relationship and demonstrate how this works using the Voice Dialogue process.

There are several hours of demonstrations where we facilitate each other to illustrate the work. We discuss the dream process and how inseparable the dream process is from the psychology of selves. There is a section on dream interpretation. The series is presented in a very systematic way, and includes numerous bullet point screens which sum up each 20 minutes or so of explanations.

If you are a teacher or therapist, these films will support your teaching and your clinical work. We can assure you of one thing and that is that watching these films will change consciousness. We wish we could have a chance to see and hear all of the dreams that will emerge as you - and your clients and students - watch this series.

As you well know, it has always been our contention that the methodology of Voice Dialogue belonged to the world and to all therapeutic models. This is why we have refused to certify practitioners of the work. It belongs to anyone who wants to take the time to use it. If you are involved in training in any way, these films will strongly support your teaching and your therapy.

What more can we say? When we watched the rough cuts of the interview videos, with fear and trepidation in our hearts, we loved them. Even our Inner Critics and Perfectionists loved them. This was a remarkable experience for both of us. At that time they didn't include the live material from the training workshop and the extra explanatory material that has been added. In their finished form, the videos are gems. As an extra bonus, this set includes 8 audiocassette tapes that cover the individual selves in some detail and an in-depth exploration of dreams.

From its beginnings in the early seventies, Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves have come a long way. This documentary series, together with a number of other current creative efforts, is going to push the work over the top. It seems very appropriate to us that they be released at the start of the new millennium and as we begin our sabbatical year. We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed our part in bringing them to you.

We urge you to buy this series of tapes and to use them as part of your work with others as well as for your own personal growth. They give a powerful, personal, and immediate update on our work and should add a great deal to your knowledge and your skills.

With our warmest wishes,

Hal and Sidra Stone


Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I am a great admirer of the work of Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, the creators of The Psychology of Selves and the powerful technique of Voice Dialogue. I first discovered their book, Embracing Our Selves, about twelve years ago, and Hal and Sidra soon became my teachers, mentors, and good friends. Their work has helped me tremendously in my own personal growth. I recommend their books and tapes in all of my recent books, and I have incorporated many of their ideas and techniques into my workshops.

Therefore I am pleased to let you know that there is now a wonderful new tape series featuring Hal and Sidra Stone teaching and demonstrating their amazing work. This series, consisting of twelve video tapes and eight audio tapes, is by far the most comprehensive presentation of their work ever created. It includes in-depth interviews with the Stones, teaching and demonstration sessions, and segments of a two day live Voice Dialogue Training Workshop, all interwoven very effectively. The series covers all the major aspects of their work - the primary selves, disowned selves, the development of Aware Ego, bonding patterns, relationship as a mirror, the energetics of relationships, and dream interpretation. Hal and Sidra Stone also share the new vision of spirituality that emerges as we accept our commitment to embracing all of the selves.

If you are interested in personal growth and consciousness, you will find these tapes fascinating and life-changing. If you are a therapist, workshop leader, personal coach or involved in any type of service profession, this material will bring added richness to your work. I'm sure you will greatly enjoy and benefit from it.

Blessings on your journey!

With Love,

Shakti Gawain Author of Creative Visualization,
Living in the Light, and The Path
Of Transformation

Nature Care College
of Naturopathic and Traditional Medicine P/L

The Voice Dialogue Series is a highly effective educational resource that we now find integral to our holistic counselling training programme. The 12 videos provide a comprehensive and practical introduction to The Psychology of Selves and inner life of the psyche. Our students find the series informative, thorough and professionally empowering. We heartily recommend these videos to all educators who wish to develop quality understandings and high-level competencies in the artistry of human care in their students.

Rodney Brennan
Nature Care College, Sydney

Paul Perfrement
Diploma of Hoistic Counselling and Life Care
Nature Care College, Sydney

Wm. C. Harrell, M.D.
Internal Medicine Specialist

I have longed to have such a teaching resource as is now available in the new video/audio series available from the creators of Voice Dialogue. The video format brings nuance, clarity, and an energetic connection to the subpersonalities. Here is the compre-hensive tool that gives any student access to understanding the complexity of themselves and others, while at the same time discovering paths to greater growth and self-worth. The series should be a requirement in the curriculum for all general students, but is absolutely a must for those in the clinical, behavioural and medical sciences.

Robert Stamboliev M.A.
Managing Director of the Institute for Transformational Psychology (ITP),

In our teaching programs for psychotherapists, consultants and trainers we have found that the Voice Dialogue Series gives an inspiring and clear contribution to the work we offer. We heartily recommend the Series as an important asset to any educational program aimed at giving insight into human behaviour. Furthermore it offers new and exciting ways to enhance consciousness and restore balance in individuals, couples, teams and organisations.

Francine Pinto
Voice Dialogue Teacher and Facilitator, B.A., J.D.
Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Voice Dialogue is a powerful transformational tool that develops the capacity in one's daily life to have "real choice". This tape series is a powerful, clear, and touching rendition of the fundamental principles of the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego Process. It can be used very successfully to communicate the spirit and concepts of Voice Dialogue. It is a foundational educational tool for any professional dedicated to the empowerment of others.

Ane Haaland
Cross-cultural Communication Trainer

This video series is a real gift. It shows what Voice Dialogue is about, and the rich learning experience which is open to anyone who decides to invest in learning more about the function of their "inner family" - or to teach it to someone else. In courses, the video tapes are a useful resource: the questions asked by the inter-viewer are clear and to the point, and Hal and Sidra cooperate to give different insights about the issues with convincing charm and humor. They know what they are talking about, they believe in it from the core of their beings, and they communicate it in a very direct way. Even people who are not familiar with Voice Dialogue, get the point. The tapes are professionally made, and stay with each subject long enough for the viewer to listen, learn and reflect. And the summaries are useful "thinking stoppers", and pedagogically very well done. I recommend the series without hesitation.

Shonna M.W. Ruff, LCSW

Voice Dialogue has had a powerful impact on both my personal and professional life. The understanding of bonding patterns and energetics has transformed my relationships. The video and audio tape series has brought true clarity and understanding to the many facets of this work. Learning about my primary selves and how they operate in my life is an ongoing, exciting journey.

Robin Gale-Baker, B.A., T.S.T.C., M.A.A.S.P.
and Paul Gale-Baker, B.A., Dip Ed.
Directors, Australian Institute for Relational Training, Melbourne,

The Voice Dialogue Video/Audio Series is an excellent summation of the theoretical framework of the Psychology of Selves and its method, Voice Dialogue. Voice Dialogue is an elegant, simple and effective method of accessing the inner family of selves. Voice Dialogue readily lends itself to integration with other psycho-logical models and is used extensively by psychotherapists from a wide range of modalities. It is easy to understand and apply, and its immediate benefits are one of its major advantages. We are fortunate to have such a complete record of the theory and method as related directly by the founders, Drs Hal and Sidra Stone. Michael Rowland has done a superb job of interviewing them. We thoroughly recommend this excellent series.

Susan Schwartz Senstad, M.A., M.F.C.C., M.F.A.
Family Therapist

The 5-year training program, "Diversity in Leadership", for the Norwegian State Labour Department in which Voice Dialogue was a central methodology concluded: "These courses had particular significance for participants' self-development and insight, they contributed to their understanding of other people's mental and emotional reactions and gave enhanced communication breadth and helped them utilise a wider range of their own abilities. The participants say this benefited their interactions both at home and at work." The videos work, they are serious and professional, yet funny and human, with an enthusiastically engaged interviewer who asks good and cumulative questions.

Fran Florsheim M.A., M.F.T.
Peter Florsheim Ph.D. M.F.T.

Hal and Sidra's Voice Dialogue Video Tapes are an excellent educational tool for teaching the Psychology of the Selves, including Voice Dialogue, Bonding Patterns, and Dream Work. We highly recommend these educational tapes.

John Ruh
Founder of the Human Resource Store

Voice Dialogue has been used to improve the performance of managers and executives throughout the United States. I have used it with managers and executives to increase their focus, personal effectiveness, and improve their working relationships with bosses, peers, subordinates, and customers. Voice Dialogue is easily integrated into a variety of executive development programs and provides a safe and powerful method for managers and executives to quickly improve their performance. Some practical benefits I have found include being able to relate more effectively by clearly seeing who I am dealing with. I am also able to coach my clients easily and generally I am a more compassionate person. I would highly recommend learning about the Voice Dialogue technique, and especially the video/audio series produced by Dr John Coroneos. The series explains this process better than any other vehicle I have seen.

Astra Niedra and Mark Belfanti
Sydney, Australia

To say that Voice Dialogue has been an important part of our lives is an understatement. Not only has it expanded our opportunities (and fulfillment) in life as individuals, but it has been a crucial part of our relationship. We do not know of any other way to truly honour another person and to reach ever-deepening levels of intimacy and love.
The Voice Dialogue Series is like a treasure chest, containing some of the most valuable information you could come across. It gives you the whole theory of Voice Dialogue, along with demonstrations, explained in person by its creators, Drs Hal and Sidra Stone. These videos and tapes enable you to see and hear the Stones, and to feel their remarkable energy. The quality of the Series, both the content and production, is outstanding. We would highly recommend it for both personal and professional use.

Mary Disharoon

"I discovered Voice Dialogue about eight years ago, and I silently thank Hal and Sidra Stone on a regular basis for identifying this process that has allowed me to come to know and understand, as well as accept and love all aspects of my personality. The Voice Dialogue Series is the most comprehensive and easily accessible resource available on the market today, especially if you want to learn the complete "ins and outs" of the Voice Dialogue Method, and begin to deeply understand the various components which support this simple, yet profound method of self-discovery and growth."

Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas, ACSW, BCD, CASAC
Psychotherapist and teacher

The Voice Dialogue Series has been one of the most instrumental teaching mediums I came across in my twenty years as a psychotherapist and teacher. It offers a clear presentation of the Voice Dialogue method and the Psychology of Selves, one of the most profound theories of the last 50 years. I use the series while I teach university students, when I present for national conferences and in my training of mental health professionals with astounding results. Hal and Sidra's informal presentation style transforms their intricate concepts into a natural theory that is easy to follow. I would highly recommend the Voice Dialogue Series to individuals seeking a comprehensive introduction to the Psychology of Selves. I also recommend the series to experienced Voice Dialogue facilitators since the material can serve as an excellent tool for continual review and training in the Psychology of Selves system.

Gill Stanley N.D.
Dip. C.E. Assoc Dip. N.T.
Geelong, Australia

As a naturopath I am very aware of the role emotional "baggage" and negative patterns play in the physical symptoms experienced by patients. I have been using Voice Dialogue in my own personal growth for many years and have gained greater awareness of these patterns in my own life and how to deal with them. Since training as a Voice Dialogue facilitator and using the technique with patients, I find that they are more proactive in their own recovery, allowing them to move on both physically and emotionally. A brilliant technique to assist people in gaining health, happiness and self awareness.

Dr Andrew Cramb (Chiropractor) Network Care Practitioner,
Melbourne Australia.

Voice Dialogue was first recommended to me a number of years ago by my then girlfriend and now wife. However, it was not until two years latter when she managed to obtain an audio recording of Hal and Sidra did I first find the motivation to review their work. From the very first tape I was excited by what I was hearing. The paradigm of which they spoke not only matched my personal experience but also was consistent with what I have observed through ten years of private practise. The depth in both form and content, of the Voice Dialogue method they developed, was readily received and immediately enhancing both to my personal and professional life. Personally, it helped bring a context to my experience in relationship with myself and others, thus, facilitating within me greater reflection and the ability to transform old reoccurring patterns into new more fulfilling ones. Likewise it has been a valuable resource (made more potent through the most recent video/audio series presented by Michael Domeyko Rowland) to offer clients when they are actively seeking new tools to integrate their past and newly emerging experiences. I recommend The Voice Dialogue Series to anyone with an interest in maximising their experiences or assisting others to do likewise.

Dean Carey,
Artistic Director
Actors Centre Australia

"Actors will uncover a dynamite of information in this superb series. The extraordinary insights into characters and relationships will empower any artist's process on a truly transformational level. You'll never research and rehearse a character the same again! This is a must for every actor dedicated to creating work informed by depth, detail and, above all, recognizable human behavior. Your audiences will thank you for ever."

Martin Challis:
In creative expression our impulses are the magic food of inspiration.
PT Lecturer
Acting TPM
Academy of the Arts QUT

"...I have been developing the Voice Dialogue model in actor training for the past 2 years, using it quite specifically in the training as both a consciousness tool and as a craft approach towards characterisation. As an acting coach on films I have also employed the model directly to assist actors in rehearsal to find parts of themselves that best suit the characters they are playing. There is an infinite resource of creativity in us all,the Voice Dialogue Model gives us a very specific means of sourcing this creativity through consciousness and awareness. When we use this model we deal directly and specifically with the energetics of the myriad selves and their role in the act of artistic transaction that occurs between actor and audience."


Dedicated In loving memory of my brother, Ricky Bingham, forever 18
June 4, 1979 to June 6, 1997

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