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Visioning Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams
 Table of Contents:

Part 1 - The Process  1
Chapter 1 - The Designer Within   15

  • Thinking with Your Heart
  • What is Design?
  • Thinking in Pictures
  • Visual Imagery: How it Works
    Visualization: The Mind's Eye
  •  Dreaming the Impossible Dream 
  • Block Busters
  • Thoughts Becoming Things
    Visualization: Picture This
  • We're All Designers
    Visualization: Reflecting on Past Successes
  • The Fear of Art
  • Art-Making, Your Natural Birthright
    Visualization: Dreams that Came True
  • Visioning: How it Works
  • Ten Principles of Design
  • The Ten Steps of Visioning
  • Techniques Used in Visioning
  • Two Brains, Two Hands
    Journal: Warming Up-Dancing on Paper

Chapter 2 - The Field of Dreams      43

  • Preparing the Inner and Outer Space
  • Gather the Tools
  • Supplies
  • Setting Up Your "Creativity Gym"
  • Prepare the Space
  • Talismans, Totems, and Good Luck Charms
    Preparation: Setting the Stage, Creating a Studio
  • Prepare your Inner Space
    Focus: Creating the Container
    Imagery: Symbol for Your Creative Self
  • Unfolding from the Creative Self
  • Moving from the Creative Self
    Movement Meditation: Inner Listening
  • The Silent Partner
    Journal: Meet Your Creative Conscience

Chapter 3 - Get a Dream, Get a Life     58

  • First Design Principle: Get an Idea
  • Visioning Step 1:Make a Wish
  • The Courage to Dream
    Journal: Permission to Act
  • Finding a Focus
  • Crafting a Focus Phrase
  • Focus Phrases: A menu of Possible Themes
    Journal: Finding My Focus Phrase
    Journal: What's the Problem?
  • Reinforcing Your Focus Phrase
    Focus: Flash Cards

Chapter 4 Sorting and Shifting     73

  • Second Design Principle: Feed Your Idea with Research
  • Visioning Step 2: Search for Images and Words
  • Explore the Treasures in Your Research Bank: The Art of Gathering
  • Image-Finding as Meditation
    Research: Grab What Grabs You
  • Ad Art as Poetry in the Marketplace
    Poem-making: Wordplay
  • Third Design Principle: Connect the Research to Your Own Idea
  • Visioning Step 3: Focus on the Vision
  • The Balance Between Freedom and Structure
  • Following Your Heart
    Focus: What's Hot and What's Not?
  • What's in a Word?
  • Magazines as Chinese Fortune Cookies
    Poem-making: More Wordplay

Chapter 5 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words    90

  • Fourth Design Principle: Assemble the Design Elements
  • Visioning Step 4: Compose the Design 
  • Design by Intuition
  • Lay out the Elements
    Focus and Contemplation: Your Symbol Here
  • Random Acts of Beauty: Seeing Relationships, Making Connections
  • Finding Your Own Style
    Focus: Playing in the Land of Make-Believe
  • Matching Words and Pictures
    Word Jazz: Ransom Notes from the Soul

Chapter 6   Order Out of Chaos     103

  • Fifth Design Principle: Mix and Match in Rough Mock-up Stage
  • Chaos and Creativity
  • Visioning Step 5: Explore and Find Order in Creative Chaos
  • Recognizing the Inner Critic
    Journal: The Inner Critic
  • The Mistakes Myth
    Journal: Guidance from the Creative Self

Chapter 7   The Design of Your Life    112

  • Sixth Design Principle: Develop the Design
  • The Pieces Coming Together
  • Visioning Step 6: Create the Collage
    Collage: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together
  • Turning Words on Their Heads
  • Zen and the Art of Cut and Paste
    Collage: Word Weaving
  • God is in the Details
    Mixed Media: Connect the Dots
  • Other Formats for Visioning

Part 2 - Seeing Results
Letting Your Mind See What Your Heart Already Knows

Chapter 8   Talking Pictures     129

Seventh Design Principle: Refine and Finalize the Design

  • Visioning Step 7: Articulate the Vision
    Journal: Image Writing
  • If Pictures Could Talk
    Journal: Writing by Heart
  • The Story Inside the Collage
    Journal: Telling My Story
  • Eighth Design Principle: Start the Production Process
  • Visioning Step 8: Reinforce the Dream
    Visual Affirmation and Visualization: What You See is What You Get
  • Dealing with Resistance
  • Protect Your Dream
    Journal: Keeping the Faith
  • A Wish Your Heart Makes

Chapter 9   Seeing is Believing     146

  • Ninth Design Principle: Get Help
  • Visioning Step 9: Embrace the Reality
  • Don't Just Do Something, Sit There
  • What's Behind the Dream
  • It's About Time
    Journal: At the Write Time
  • Taking Care of Business
    Journal: Thinking with Both Sides of Your Brain
  • As Luck Would Have It
    Journal In the Write Place
  • Reach Out for Help
    Journal: My Personal Dream Team

Chapter 10   Let's Have a Party     160

  • Tenth Design Principle: Complete and Celebrate the Final Product
  • Visioning Step 10: Celebrate the Dream Come True
    Journal: Give Yourself a Hand
  • Lessons Learned, Qualities Earned
    Journal: You've Got What It Takes
  • Saying Thanks
    Journal: Thanks to the Creative Self
  • Credit Where Credit is Due
    Letter Writing: Reach Out and Thank Someone
  • Celebrating the Dream
    Journal: Throwing a Celebrate-the-Dream Party

Part 3   Visioning in Action 
Photo Album of Success Stories; Ideas and Suggestions

11 Visioning in Work and Career

  • Problems on the Job: Dealing with Difficult People
    Case Study: Marissa and the Manager from Hell
  • Job Change and Career Transition
    Case Study: Hold Fast to Dreams
  • Affirming What You Want
  • Collage and Journal Applications
  • Illness and work
  • You and Your Career
  • Visioning in a Support Group
  • Organizing a Visioning Group
  • Structuring a Group Session
  • Group Dynamics
  • The Power of Group Support
  • Collaborative Visioning for Teams, Companies, and Organizations
  • Visioning at Work
  • Visioning and Organizational Development
  • Activities for Organizational Visioning
  • Team Building and Project Development

Chapter 12   Visioning and Relationships     201

  • Finding Love in All the Right Places
    Case Study: Lisa's Story and Collages
  • Wedding Bells and Honeymoons
    Case Study: Aleta's Collages
  • Baby Makes Three
    Case Study: Christine's Story, Collage, and Baby Announcement
  • Suggestions and Applications
  • Creating a New Relationship
  • Improving an Ongoing Relationship
  • Collaborative Visioning for Families
  • Media for Family Collages
    Case Study: Beverly and Tom Vision Together
  • A Collage for the Whole Family

Chapter 13  Visioning for Health and Well-Being     222

  • Regaining the Self
    Case Study: Gayle's Story of Inner Healing 
  • The Creative Self Diet
    Case Study: Susan's Story of Healing, Change, and Weight Loss
  • Money, Self-Worth, and the Pursuit of Happiness
    Case Study: Mark's Story
  • Finding Abundance Within
    Case Study: Greg's Story of Discovering True Wealth
  • Suggestions and Applications
  • Body Image, Self-Image
  • Illness and Pain
  • Abundance

Chapter 14   Visioning to Find Your Place     241

  • A Home for the Heart
    Case Study: Lucia's Story of her Dream House
  • Dreams for Rent
  • Mara Moves to Santa Fe
    Case Study: Relocating to a New Area
  • Anna's Ranch
    Case Study: Anna Finds Her Dream Ranch
  • In Closing

Resource Guide     254

Sample Exercise from the Book - Finding your Heart's Desire

Prepare Your Inner Space

Reaching a place of inner silence that naturally leads into purposeful activity is an important preparation for Visioning.  As my movement teacher says: "Find the stillness within the movement, and the movement within stillness."  It is easier to do this when you are working alone.  However, alone or with others, there will be your own chattering mind, the extraneous and irrelevant thoughts that distract you from truly experiencing with your senses.  Here is an exercise for centering in the present moment and "being here now."

Focus: Creating the Container

Sit quietly in your studio space.  Seated at your work area, look at your arrangement of materials and supplies.  How do you feel being here?  How does it feel to be setting out on this inner journey to find and realize your dreams?  Spend a moment reflecting on your physical sensations.  Do you fell anxious or tense?  If so, allow yourself to breathe the anxiety out of your body.  On the exhale, simply let it go.  Remember that there is no way you can possibly make any mistakes in Visioning.  There is no right or wrong way to do any of this work.

Check out your work area.  Are you completely satisfied with where it is and how you set things up?  If not, take the necessary time to adjust things the way you want them.  You don't need any rational explanation for this.  Just follow your instincts and intuition.

Now focus your attention on the work area or playing field.  This is the magic circle of creativity where you will actually be making your Visioning collage.  Place your hands in the space.  Run the palms of your hands over the paper, tracing the outline of your paper with your fingertips.  Contemplate the Australian Aboriginal practice of each artist painting her own "dreaming" or element of nature and thereby co-creating that element.  Be willing to co-create, in partnership with your creative self, the life that your heart truly desires.

Close your eyes and focus your attention within.  As you sit in silence and stillness, allow yourself to become aware for your creative self, that fount of limitless potential that lives inside of you.  See that you are becoming the conscious container of your creative self.  Ask your creative self to be your silent partner, flowing through you.  Ask it to show its face as you portray your heart's desires in your Vision collage.  Open up your own innate wisdom pouring out through images and words.

As you get a deeper sense of partnering with your creative self, it is helpful to allow an image to appear.  This is a highly intuitive process and, again, there is no right or wrong way to do it.  The next exercise is intended to help you allow your creative self to transmit an image to your mind, one that is relevant for you today.  Each time you do this exercise, a different image is likely to appear.  The creative self has many messages to send us, depending on what we need at any given time.


Dedicated In loving memory of my brother, Ricky Bingham, forever 18
June 4, 1979 to June 6, 1997

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