What do your customers & visitors Really say about you?

These are just a couple of the unsolicited emails we have received, over the last year we have been online... Note: due to privacy and spamming concerns we have omitted their email address... (I hope you can appreciate that concern we have for the privacy and safety of our fellow web citizens)

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My best testimonial is this:

Guess how many complaints I have received about my personal customer service?

You know why? Because, this is not a huge corporation - in it for the money or to dominate the book industry - This is a small family business - built to serve and assist others because of the pain, we have endured. Read my story

I have the life experiences to have empathy with most people.   AND...

This is my healing project on a global scale - one person at a time... 

I am doing all this to help people take back their own personal power and heal themselves. 

Simply, I treat people the way I want to be treated.

So my only question for you is -  What is holding you back in your life? Are you ready, right now to work on yourself and change your thinking? I know you can do it, I have been there, and if I can do it, you can do it - if that's what you really want to do!

If not now - WHEN?

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This is an example of some of the email I get...

Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2002 6:09 PM
Richard ~

Thank you so much for the personal email follow-up for the shipping of the 
art kit I ordered! It's a refreshing change to get such service in our 
automated-yet-convenient world. Now Get Creative has a new customer for life 
because of the terrific service you provided.

Happy Holidays!
Heather Williams

From: Laura

Subject: RE: New Order Notice (Now Get Creative.com)


Hi! Thanks for shipping out the books so early. I will continue shopping on the website due to the great personal service :-)

Thanks again,

Laura R

I received my book in the mail yesterday. Thanks so much! I'm looking forward to "playing". and, I was impressed with the handwritten "thank you". The very best to you and yours for the holiday season.

Kathryn Rudolph.

Dear Richard,
Thank you so much for your kind message.
Today, I finally received my (Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams) book and knew what happen here (in Korea).

Korean postman just delivered my book to wrong address and that book had been left in mail box during last 25 days. One good neighbor found out my name and address and my telephone number you put on it and he called to me to give it to me. So, I have my book now. What a long journey for my book!
Anyway, thank you very much for your trouble and your  following up.
I don't know how can I repay for your kindness.

By the way, do you like soccer?
Best regards,

P.S. Yes, I will recommend your website and the book to my colleagues in here.
(I am working for Coca-Cola Korea Co. as a 2002 FIFA World Cup Project GM. And... that's why I asked you whether you like soccer) And if you think my letter would be good for your business (showing your honest and your care for customer), you may use it. 

Again, thank for your care.

Hello Richard,

I received the book and pendulum ( with my favorite stones) thank you so much. Also received your emails you do have the correct address. Thanks again, I am on my way to a better me. Take care,


Thank you. It is so nice to get a personal touch when you place an order. 

I have ordered something on-line only once before, and have used herbs and flower essences on myself and animals for years now.
I am excited to try the oils and did a search and your sight was the first that I came to. Meant to be, I guess.

You are so thoughtful, and thank you for taking the time to write. I can't wait for my oils and pendulum information to come. There is a reason why I was brought to your sight, and I am sure that I will bring more people to you through me.

Take care. Melody

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for your order. I tried calling you first but no answer, then tried again and I left a phone message describing what happened... 

I'll correct the shipping error, you didn't pick a shipping option so it defaulted to mbag to Australia and you were charged 38.50 instead of 3.95!

You will be receiving another email with a charge of $30.25 I VOIDED your first transaction of $64.80 before it was submitted to your bank so it will NOT be processed by your bank

There are advantages to dealing with a small business website! I'm glad I caught the error before you did!

Thanks I'll mail your order this afternoon!


I just read your painfully honest story about your life & the tragic loss of your son, what an honor to him & yourself on you choice to heal yourself & honor your son's memory by helping others to heal & help those of us choosing this path, with your guidance in such an openness of yourself and knowledge.

I Knew you were special with our 1st email (order confirmation). I, too have been touched by the tragedy of a young promising 16 yr old's suicide; one of the doctor's I work with who's special interest is treating children with mental health issues wasn't able to prevent his own son's suicide & while knowing he was depressed (divorce, living with angry vindictive mother who didn't realize how her emotions were affecting the children) never saw any indications of suicide, though they lived in Buffalo & he is here. He also has turned his grief into a service called "the Corner" where adolescents can get confidential treatment or with family involvement, which is staffed by a counselor-nurse Practioner & he is Medical Director. 

No Child Psychiatrist had any interest in helping. I would like to see some of your literature to pass on. In many aspects what can be offered is strictly regulated as our hospital is a Catholic Daughters of Charity Organization & quite conservative in their beliefs, but I would like to pass on anything we can use. I can't print from email right now- still part of that energy thing my husband hasn't fixed yet. but you can mail it to me 

R.N. in NY

Sent: Saturday, December 01, 2001 7:56 PM

To: Richard

Hello ..

I am very interested in Art Therapy, having benefited from developing my own art. I also work as an addictions counselor locally. I can not at this time afford formal training, but was wondering if you could assist me in some way...

I have been asked if I were interested in giving individual art workshops to teen girls in the care of social services. Would I!

If this goes well, there are, unfortunately, quite a number of young people in need of Creative Healing. 

I live 20 miles from a small town that has far too many social problems;
family breakups, many addiction problems. Alcohol and other drugs are a 'way of life'.

I am also closely involved in local Native communities and have, for a long
time, wanted to do something for the youth, as there are virtually no programs for them and no work...but I must get some studying done! I'm sure the books will be of
great benefit, and I am very grateful to you for the offer.

Once again, I can't thank you enough for your generosity! I
look forward to the study with great anticipation!

My immediate problem is that I feel I need a starting point... 

I would be most grateful for any beginning suggestions you might offer in a hurry . .

Nova Scotia

Hi Peg
I would like to help you help the girls, I'll donate some of Dr Lucia's books, to help you help these kids . They will really help you and them.

I am sending you by Global Priority Mail at my expense:
The Creative Journal for Teens - Making Friends With Yourself 

Recovery of Your Inner Child - A Complete Course in Re-Parenting the Self 

"Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams "

this book is great for working to get rid of any kind of addictions
Lighten Up Your Body - Lighten Up Your Life  

We help "The Creative Kids that fall thru the cracks of our system"... Why?
About Us and Why Buy From Us

God Bless,
Richard Bingham
Now Get Creative.Com

OK that's enough! - You get the idea & I'm getting embarrassed...  
- Richard

Do Yourself a favor - just do it - order a book and an art kit & journal - and for once in your life... spend some time on YOU... everyone else around you will really appreciate the change - especially YOU!

Remember you have our NO RISK Guarantee that you will be happy with our products or return them within 90 days for a refund...

Remember if not now - WHEN?

When will you get around to discover all of the hidden parts of YOU, and the secrets you need to unlock in your own mind - to achieve the Life of Your Dreams...  for the rest of your life ... then what will you do? ... How will you learn it? And more importantly, when will you start?

What you will discover about yourself by using the Tools in these books... is PRICELESS!... you just can NOT go wrong! 

I know that for a fact - because I have used them to turn my life around! 
and YOU CAN TOO!!!

I have faith in you, you CAN do it - Just apply yourself and you will see - it's TRUE

Richard Bingham, the Dad and contributing volunteer author of this site
Read My Story - If I can do it, from where I was - you can too!