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"Putting Your Talent To Work"

Identifying, Cultivating & Marketing

 Your Natural Talents

by Dr Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D & Dr Peggy Van Pelt, Ph.D

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"Putting Your Talent to Work" will help you accept, celebrate, express and use your true talents. As happy and fulfilled as I am, I gained many new and valuable insights by doing the exercises in the book. I highly recommend this book to all who want greater joy, fulfillment and monetary rewards from their work."

-Jack Canfield,
coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Please Order NOW - 274 pages paperback

Order the Book  because I want to Put MY Talent To Work FOR ME!

With the present state of the economy and the uncertainties in the world today...

This book will help you discover your unique talents, and give you self-confidence and peace of mind.

We all have unique talents that define who we are to the world. However, we often let our talents languish, covered by the facade of the person we think we should be.

Career choices and job-search are becoming increasingly problematic in this era of down-sizing and restructuring.

If you haven't yet discovered your unique abilities and put them into action, this book is for you.

A complete guide to finding one's true work

This book contains proven methods for:

  • A blueprint to Identify, develop and marketing YOUR Talents and Gifts

  • Tools for breaking through psychological blocks and self-doubt

  • Motivation thru inspiring success stories

  • Techniques for listening to one's heart's desire

  • How to create your own Talent Journal

  • Getting support for fully expressing talent in the workplace

  • Guidelines that will make you your own talent scout

Through exercises that tap the wisdom of the right brain, you'll learn how to identify the innate gifts that make you special.

Techniques and case studies drawn from the authors' experience in talent and career counseling, offer you a blueprint for developing your skills for gainful and meaningful - employment or expand your own business.

About the Authors

Dr. Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R., R.E.A.T. is an Art Therapist Registered & Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, artist, psychologist, popular international workshop leader, author of 12 books, including her newest release, on May 25th - Living With Feeling ,Visioning Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams, and the best-selling Recovery of Your Inner Child. The originator of the Creative Journal Method, Dr Capacchione is recognized as a pioneer in health and healing through creativity. As a career counselor, she has conducted job outplacement seminars, talent development, and corporate consulting for business and industry, including such clients as Hallmark, Mattel, and Walt Disney Imagineering. She lives near Big Sur, California

Dr. Peggy Van Pelt, Ph.D., is a nationally known workshop leader and keynote speaker specializing in talent development and creativity. She has an extensive background in entertainment, working for Lorimar and Universal Studios as well as with the Disney organization where she worked as a staff artist and in management. Dr. Van Pelt has guest-lectured and taught classes in fulfilling creative potential at major universities and extension programs, including UCLA and USC. She is the cofounder of Mosaic Consulting, Inc.


You can experience boundless energy and enthusiasm as you fulfill your destiny and advance your career by "Putting Your Talent to Work"

Chapter Titles include:

Guidelines for Journal Work
Identifying Talent
Accepting Talent
The inner and outer Critic
Self-Perception and Fear
Boundaries and Limits on criticism
Embracing a new self
Talent workout - hearts desire, appointments with talent, feedback
Developing Talent, courage, growth, respect, persistence, gratitude
Matching talent to needs - complaints, complaints of others, wishes, necessity, action
Putting your talent to work growing your career, 
talent as a coach, work style and career
Work is love
Being responsible for talent
Order and Chaos - the rules we live by, changing the rules
Beliefs, Rules, and choices
Creativity between the rules
Rules in times of crisis
Marketing Your Talent- What are you offering? 
Marketing to the needs
Reaching the market
A talent mentor
Team power - talent buddies, starting a support group
Plus much more

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