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"Recovery of Your Inner Child"
A Complete Course in Re-Parenting the Self

by Lucia Capacchione Ph.D, A.T.R., R.E.A.T.

If you follow this program from beginning to end, you will be able to heal your relationship with yourself and with others. And finally feel good about yourself.

This book is used as a textbook in many Expressive Art Therapy schools and is a Godsend to many people

Many people go thru life trying to find the Perfect Parent they didn't have in childhood. This places impossible pressure on others and dooms the person to disappointment and can be a cruel form of abuse.

Recovery of Your Inner Child is about finding the parent WITHIN that is self nurturing, a healthy protector, and a direct contact with our Higher Power - THE Ultimate Parent

The Inner Child lives within all of us. It's the part of us that feels emotions and is playful, intuitive, and creative. 

Usually hidden under our grown-up personas, the Inner Child holds the key to intimacy in relationships, physical and emotional well-being, recovery from addictions, and the creativity and wisdom of our inner selves.

Those who have raised or educated children with awareness know that the creative arts are the natural language of the child. Given a healthy environment and the guidance of nurturing adults, children spontaneously express themselves through the arts. 

No one has to tell young children that creative expression is fun, and that it makes you feel good about yourself and the world. Pre-schoolers and kindergartners draw and paint, play with clay, build and construct, act, dance and sing with great enthusiasm. they do not have to be coaxed or instructed.

When I was training teachers, my work included observing young children in classrooms throughout the United States, from inner-city ghettos to rural farm areas. These were children of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

No matter where these children were or what they looked like, they all had one thing in common: the language of art... this is no coincidence. 

Drawing comes before writing in a child's development. In fact, art therapy is used with children who cannot verbalize their feelings. What cannot be spoken can often be expressed more safely in art. And even when a child is articulate, sometimes words are not enough. 

Who can translate into words the precise meaning of a bold, black scribble? Watching a child release bottled-up rage or fear with crayons or clay is a profoundly moving experience.

It is no accident, then that the Inner Child also expresses its feelings and needs more easily through art. In my workshops drawing has been one of the most direct and enjoyable ways of reaching the Inner Child. Drawing gets people out of their rational, analytical, adult minds and immerses them in the Child state.

We know that drawing comes predominately from the right hemisphere of the brain. This is the side that seems to specialize in visual/spatial perception, as well as emotional and intuitive expression. What we often forget is that young children, by their very nature, are predominantly right-brained. That's why scribbling and drawing are so natural for them.

However, your enjoyment of right-brained, multi-sensory activity gets shut down through restrictive parenting and a left-brain school system that places an inordinate emphasis on verbal logic and memorization.

Recovery of Your Inner Child is the only book that shows you how to have a firsthand experience of your Inner Child - actually feeling its emotions and recapturing its sense of wonder.

"Healing is making ourselves whole. Healing our Inner Child is a major part of our recovery. Lucia Capacchione is a master at gently guiding you through this process. Love yourself enough to recover from the past."

-- Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life

This highly acclaimed bestseller guides you in a firsthand experience of your Inner Child, your emotional, playful, creative and spiritual self. Right brain journal and art activities, include work with the non-dominant hand. Dr. Capacchione presents her ground-breaking approach to reparenting the self. Readers explore all aspects of the Child Self as well as the Inner Parent (the nurturing and protective as well as the critical parent).

 Endorsed by experts: Charles Whitfield M.D., Melody Beattie and Louise Hay, this book has become a classic in the field of Inner Child healing. It is being used in treatment centers worldwide, especially with survivors of child abuse and those recovering from addictions.

"The best book I've read yet on how to talk to your Inner Child and find what it needs. Practical, helpful, and easy."

-- Melody Beattie, Author of Codependent No More

Do this for yourself and loved one's. Make this a family project, to heal the past, to live today to it's fullest. 

Paperback 288 pages 

Great companion books:

Embracing Our Selves - The Voice Dialogue Manual  by Drs. Hal & Sidra Stone
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Conquer Your Inner Critical Voice by Dr. Robert Firestone Released 6/02
The book is 7"x10", 215 pages retail price

"Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice" is a revolutionary program to counter
negative thoughts and live free from imagined limitations.

Learning to deal effectively with one's critical inner voice is central to all
areas of life: personal development, healthy relationships, self-esteem and
self-confidence, creative endeavors, and career success.

"Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice" by Drs. Robert & Lisa Firestone and Joyce
Callet, MA is an excellent complement to my book "Recovery of Your Inner Child".
It provides practical & effective tools for dealing with the Inner Critical Parent.

The journal exercise format will be familiar to my readers. For those who have
been using my inner child method this book will enable them to extend & deepen
their work with the Inner Critical Parent.

Anyone in recovery from addictive or co-dependent behavior will benefit from
working the journal exercises in "Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice"

Lucia Capacchione, PH.D, Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, Art Therapist Registered  
Author of:

See Also: Acceptance -The Power to be Free by Dr. Jay Powell



June 28, 2000

Dear Lucia,

I run a residential crisis centre for survivors of child abuse in Australia. Since we discovered your book and have started daily groups doing inner child work, the intensity and hastening of recovery has been extraordinary

We are a centre where survivors can come at no cost to stay and we are run entirely by volunteers who are all survivors, so we are thrilled to find such a simple, magical method of really helping each other.

Do you ever come to Australia?? Will you be running any courses here?? Where can we purchase your book in Australia?

We have over 1,000 members throughout Australia all struggling to heal, mostly on disability pensions or unemployment benefits.

I cannot thank you enough for your contribution to our healing

Liz Mullinar 

P.S. if you are interested in who we are. Our website is www.asca.org.au.


Mayumarri, South Basin Road, Elrington 2325. Phone: (02)4990 9043 Fax: (02) 4990 8941. CAN 072 260 005.

Patron: His Excellency the Honourable Sir William Deane. AC, KBE, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia 

Donations to Mayumarri Trust Fund of $2 and over are tax deductible.

Mayumarri is aboriginal for peace and it is our healing centre where members
stay at cost of $25.00 a week to heal from the effects of their abuse .

We have daily workshops based on inner child work, we have over 500 guests
every year. Wonderful results. Members can stay for a week at a time.

Next year we are opening a house for teenagers where they can stay for six
months and a children's camp for weekend and week long camps for abused

We live on a prayer.

Come visit sometime. Our first group is about to open in UK.

(Now Get Creative.com is proud to help Mayumarri, by supplying them with heavily discounted books)

About the Author

Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R., R.E.A.T. is an Art Therapist Registered & Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, artist, psychologist, popular international workshop leader, author of 12 books, including her newest release; May 25th Living With Feeling; Visioning Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams, and the best-selling Recovery of Your Inner Child. The originator of the Creative Journal Method, Dr. Capacchione is recognized as a pioneer in health and healing through creativity. As a career counselor, she has conducted job outplacement seminars, talent development, and corporate consulting for business and industry, including such clients as Hallmark, Mattel, and Walt Disney Imagineering. She lives near Big Sur, California

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