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The Power of Your Other Hand
Revised Edition

A course in channeling the inner wisdom of the right brain
I am your inner child, artist, writer, healer, and teacher
by Lucia Capacchione Ph.D, A.T.R., R.E.A.T.

This newly REVISED, classic book is used as a textbook in the Art Therapy field.  It now includes 14 pages of Questions and Answers that have been asked since the last edition was published.

Dr. Lucia Capacchione has discovered that our non-dominate hand is a direct channel to potential creative power and, through the "other hand" exercises and experiments in this course, she will show you how to:

  • talk to your inner child
  • help your body to heal
  • aid in recovery from additions
  • heal your relationships
  • unlock creativity and channel the deep inner wisdom of your True Self

The Power of Your Other Hand is one of her best selling books, and is considered a classic and is used as a textbook in the Art Therapy field, i.e. using art to heal your life. 

This is the REVISED edition and includes 14 pages of Questions and Answers that have been asked since the last edition was published.

Paperback 180 pages

Printed Book

Amazon Kindle eBook

Brain researchers in recent years are discovering the vast, untapped potential of the brain's, little used, right hemisphere.

She discovered, in healing herself of a life-threatening disease, how to access the right hemisphere of the brain.

This is a very simple technique of writing questions with your dominate hand ( if you are right handed - your dominate hand would be the right one) then switching your pen to the left (if right handed) and writing the answers to your question. 

This method opens up Nero pathways and taps into the creative part of your mind.

Often, you will tap into your inner child and get to the root of many of your life's problems. (see her bestselling book Recovery of Your Inner Child).

"In teaching hundreds of people to write with BOTH hands, I've observed over and over that writing done with the other hand often expresses disowned and oppressed parts of the self. 

With profound simplicity the other hand speaks for the powerless, weak, subordinate aspect of the personality".

This "silent partner" releases emotions and desires which have been stored away in the subconscious. You may wonder why this is so. 

The non-dominate hand is generally considered the wrong hand for writing, so it is the perfect hand for expressing anything in ourselves which has been judged as wrong.

Writing with the other hand brings up feelings of awkwardness. It is the unschooled hand. Since it has not been trained to write, its handwriting looks like a child's: slow, awkward, clumsy, ugly (by most standards of penmanship).  

Often the scrawls are barely legible. Spelling errors frequently occur, even among good spellers.

Almost all the people I have worked with said they felt child-like and vulnerable when they first wrote or printed with the other hand.

Some people report that primitive and raw emotions came to the surface. The Inner Child frequently comes out in a rush of feeling.

And beneath the layers of hidden emotions, one finds an intuitive and creative voice. The fight-brain attributes: creative, emotional and intuitive - are precisely the qualities that come out most easily when the non-dominate hand writes.

You will see this in illustrations and examples throughout the book.

"Lucia Capacchione's workshop was a powerful tool on my healing journey. She shares her insights and gives you the opportunity to heal your relationship with your inner child. Go for It! Healing is making ourselves whole. Healing our inner child is a major part of our recovery. Lucia Capacchione is a master at gently guiding you through this process. Love yourself enough to recover from the past."
-Louise L. Hay
author, You Can Heal Your Life
"A practical, playful, insightful and delightful way to get in touch with the Inner Self. It is remarkable that one's own intuitive wisdom and creativity can be tapped so easily, in a process that is readily available to us."
-Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.
Harvard Medical School
Author, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind
A deceptively simple and direct way of getting in touch with the hidden parts of ourselves, helping us to discover the feelings, creativity, and deep wisdom of our 'other half.' A treasure of a book."
- Sidra Winkelman, Ph.D.
- & Hal Stone, Ph.D.
authors, Embracing our Selves

About the Author

Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R., R.E.A.T. is an Art Therapist Registered & Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, artist, psychologist, popular international workshop leader, author of 12 books, including her newest release on May 25th; Living With Feeling; Visioning Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams, and the best-selling Recovery of Your Inner Child. The originator of the Creative Journal Method, Dr. Capacchione is recognized as a pioneer in health and healing through creativity. As a career counselor, she has conducted job outplacement seminars, talent development, and corporate consulting for business and industry, including such clients as Hallmark, Mattel, and Walt Disney Imagineering. She lives near Big Sur, California

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