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Numerology: the Complete Guide
Volume 1 "The Personality Reading"

by Matthew Oliver Goodwin, graduate of MIT

Would You like to learn how to "read" yourself and others using Numerology, the study of the hidden significance of numbers?

Just think how you will amaze your friends, at work, or at a party... With your accurate knowledge of their "hidden personality". 

Just think how you can use it in your relationships - Business and personal, to find out what is Really going on, what they are hiding or don't even know themselves:


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Numerology - The Complete Guide - Vol.1 The Personality Reading by Matthew O. Goodwin, Graduate of MIT,  Paperback - 380 pages $15.95 ADD TO CART


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Numerology - The Complete Guide - Vol.1 

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With this book you can gain a tremendous insight into just about everything...

It's probably the simplest of the hidden sciences to master, it offers deep insights into the personality - strengths, weaknesses, deep inner needs, emotional reactions, ways of dealing with others, and talents.

You also can use numerology to understand your own character and  learn to understand and deal with others - friends, associates and lovers, employers, and employees. You can see the dynamics of relationships and you can determine the best time to marry, change jobs, move, invest and travel.

How is all this information derived?
Observers, going back as far as the Hebrew Kabbala and Pythagoras in ancient Greece, have found correlations between certain clearly observable physical phenomena and the inner workings of people. In other words, the Universe seems to have provided many keys, which when understood, provide superb tools for the understanding of human nature. Examples are astrology, the key relates to the planets positions at a person's birth, palm reading, the key relates to the lines and bumps of the hand, and in numerology, the key relates a person's name and birthdate with that person's nature.

This book is a presentation of the entire field of numerology in a manner which will allow a beginner to easily assimilate the material and an advanced student to quickly master the craft. The individual elements making up a reading are fully defined and analyzed and many examples are included showing how the elements are combined into a delineation. Throughout , the emphasis is on clarity and completeness.

Some special features of Volume I: The Personality Reading are:

1. Explanations of the four major "core" elements and the modifiers of the reading, and their relative importance.

2. A complete special reference chart section--a unique, pre-assembled format which presents all the information you need quickly and easily, making memorization unnecessary. Complete sample character read-dings with step-by-step guidelines.

3. Illustrations of how to resolve the conflicts and ambiguities present in any character reading.

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Dedicated In loving memory of my brother, Ricky Bingham, forever 18
June 4, 1979 to June 6, 1997

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