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Living with Feeling -the art of emotional expression, art therapy, expressive arts therapy, journaling, creative journaling

Living With Feeling - 
The Art of Emotional Expression

by Lucia Capacchione, PH.D, A.R.T., R.E.A.T.

You may have heard Dr. Lucia, Psychologist and popular international workshop leader, on the radio or seen her on TV. As a pioneer in expressive arts therapy, she has done many radio shows all over the USA and Canada for years. Since 9-11-01 she has been in great demand on radio talk shows, helping people cope with their emotions.

 "Living With Feeling"covers all modalities:

  • 3 dimensional sculpture
  • journaling and creative writing
  • movement and dance
  • music and drumming
  • story-telling and more...

No art training nor special art talent is required to do anything with Dr. Lucia's books. You can read and work with this book in the privacy of your own home. To get a feel for this book please subscribe to our newsletter (click the Table of Contents to also see the link) as the 1st newsletter goes in-depth into the essence of Living With Feeling, also see the Table of Contents

These individual forms of self expression, performed without the threat of criticism, enable us to see our emotions more objectively.

This NEW hardcover book includes Inspirational illustrations from people, maybe just like you, with no special "talents" or training in the "Arts". This comprehensive guidebook is designed to make your whole life an "Artform": your relationships, career, home, hobbies... all areas of living...

She has incorporated her friend of 20 years, recording artist Jessie Cooper's original music, Sounds of Feelings, made just for this book. The combination of her book and Jessie's music has sped up the recovery process and made it very easy to work with and clear your emotions. So I have put together a money saving package together, to give you all the tools you need to help yourself and others.

Remember... Let go of the past, heal the pain and guilt and create the life of your dreams, now, with these self-healing tools

Out of Print Used Printed Book

Amazon Kindle eBook

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Table of Contents:

The emotional self
Emotions and body-mind medicine
the way of emotions

Part One Embracing You Emotional Self: pg 9

1. How do you feel? pg 11

Emotions: what they are and where they come from
Emotional literacy: Learning the language of feelings
Nine families of feelings
Meeting your emotional self

2. What Can I Do With My Feelings? pg 31

Discovering the art of emotional expression
Emotions and the right brain
The arts as process, not product
Facing the critic
Embracing your Creative Self

3. Feelings in Your Body pg 52

Emotions as energy
How emotions get stored in your body
Find the feeling: your body map
Reclaiming our emotions
Feeling the body
What the drawing means
The body as storyteller
Feel me, heal me

PART TWO  Expressing Your Feelings pg 67
The ABC's of feelings: match the medium to the mood
Dictionary of emotions: an alphabetical reference guide to emotions

4. The Color of Emotions: From Red with Rage to Feeling Blue pg 75

The ABC's of Drawing: color, line, shape, and texture
Drawing out your feelings
The art of collage
Painting your feelings
Expressive arts as meditation: peace, contentment, and serenity

5. Sculpted Feelings: Mad, Sad, and Glad pg 109

Preparing the clay, preparing yourself
Clay meditation
The hot emotions: anger, sexuality, and passion
My body self
Accepting myself
Being with another
Feelings of loss: grief, sadness, and loneliness

6. The Sounds of Feelings: From Sadness to Joy pg 130

Emotions and sound
Music as medicine
Drumming and the hot emotions
Vocalizing our Feelings
Sounding our depths: sadness, loneliness, and fear
Mantra and sound meditation: peace and contentment
Sounds from the heart: happiness, love, and playfulness

7. Emotions in Motion: Moving your Mood, Dancing for Joy pg 153

Body language and emotions
The Dancer Within
Blocks to spontaneous dance: Moving your feelings out
The work of Gabrielle Roth and the Five Rhythms
Movement as spiritual practice: peace and serenity
Emotions as energy

PART THREE  Understanding Your Feelings pg 173
Insight through words

8. When Your Feelings Tell Their Story, Pay Attention

In the beginning was the Word
I found it at the movies
Writing from the still image
Writing from feelings
Writing as medicine
Listening to the guide within

9. Facing our many selves: Mask Making and Inner Dialogues pg 192

Finding our many selves
Subpersonalities and emotions
Mask making and our many selves
Methods of mask making
Exploring the selves through Voice Dialogue (see also)

10. Accepting Your Feelings: Letting Go of Judgment pg 210

Clearing the emotions by clearing the mind
A change of heart: nurturing yourself
As we believe, so we feel: dropping old baggage
Clearing old patterns
Letting your feelings be your guide: changing your life creatively

Resources: pg 237

Body Maps: for Chapter 3
Art supplies: we are Lucia's recommended source

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You may have heard Dr. Lucia on the radio or seen her on TV. As a pioneer in expressive arts therapy, she has done many radio shows all over the USA and Canada for years. Since 9-11-01 she has been in great demand on radio talk shows, helping people cope with their emotions.

Dr. Lucia Capacchione

Psychologist, popular international workshop leader, and corporate creativity consultant, she has worked for Hallmark, Mattel, and the Walt Disney Company. Originally a Montessori-trained early childhood teacher, Dr. Lucia was one of the first Supervisors for Head Start programs in Los Angeles immediately following the Watts Riots of 1965.

"Experience" the 1ST comprehensive guidebook to the Expressive Arts Therapy Field, written for the non-artist layman released in June, 2001 - by best selling author and pioneer Expressive Arts Therapist Dr. Lucia Capacchione, author of the classic Expressive Arts Therapy Textbooks, Recovery of Your Inner Child, The Power of Your Other Hand, and The Creative Journal plus 7 more do-it-yourself art therapy titles.

"Living With Feeling" is the next Expressive Arts Therapy Field Textbook as it covers all modalities - music, drumming, art, 3 dimensional sculpture, journaling and creative writing, movement and dance, mask making, and story-telling and more.

"Living With Feeling" is the sequel to Dr Lucia's best-seller,  Recovery of Your Inner Child - A Complete Course in Re-Parenting the Self .

Remember, No art training nor special art talent is required to get maximum benefits from this FUN - self-help - How-to do it yourself book, that you Experience by Doing in the privacy of your own home.

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