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Living With Joy
Keys To Personal Power & Spiritual Transformation
by Sanaya Roman

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"I highly recommend this book. Even after many years on my spiritual path, this book just opens to the right page whenever I am pondering a problem." Richard Bingham 



See immediate results in your life when you learn to:

Open your heart
Create what you want without struggle
Discover your life purpose
Take a Quantum leap in any area of your life
Change Negatives into positives
Gain clarity in your relationships
Increase your sense of aliveness and well-being

Living with Joy was "given" to bestselling author, Sanaya Roman by Orin, a timeless being of love and light. This wise and gentle spirit teacher, who has already opened thousands of people to their greater potential, presents a systematic course in spiritual growth, that will help you transform your life, discover your personal power, and awaken to the truth of who you really are. 

Table of Contents (with selected sections):

You Can Live Joyfully
you will have joy when you settle for nothing less
Joy comes from operating with Inner-Directedness

Changing the Negative into the positive
to be aware of your higher good - enlarge your view of your life
you can release the past

The Art of Self Love
loving yourself means accepting yourself as you are right now
loving yourself means stepping out of guilt
Your Beliefs about reality create your experience of it

Self-Respect, Self-Esteem, and Self-Worth
Come from your Power and Not your weakness
How you treat yourself is how others will treat you
Every situation is a learning experience to teach you to gain more power and love
Self-Worth is knowing you are choosing your feelings at every moment

Refining the Ego - Recognize who you are
Pay attention to your higher nature and your lower will wither from lack of attention
Whatever you pay attention to is what you will create
You may have been afraid to assert your power because of mistaken and negative images of power
the images you send out abut yourself determine how other people see you

Sub-personalities - Uniting the Separated Selves
Every single part of you is your friend

Love: Knowing the Wisdom of the Heart
love transcends the self
One act of love cancels thousands of lower acts

Opening to Receive
Learning to receive is leaning to ask for the Essence of what you want
Trust yourself and believe you can create what you want

Appreciation, Gratitude, and the Law of Increase
Whatever you give thanks for will increase
Gratitude is healing to the emotions
Will is the ability to direct your energy

Feeling Inner Peace
Inner Peace comes from within, not without
You can chose to see the world any way you want

Achieving Balance, Stability, and Security
Your attitude determines how you experience the world
You create balance by visualizing balance
To feel secure you need to feel you are enlarging and expanding your world

Clarity: Living in more Light
Clarity comes from mental concentration, focusing thoughts, and paying attention
Get clear on your purpose, intent and motivation

Freedom is your Birthright
The only limits to freedom are those you place upon yourself
When you put out a definite message you rarely have to fight for what you want

Embracing the New
Be open to having the New come from anywhere, anyplace, any person
Power comes from living in the present moment

Taking a Quantum Leap
Change those programs that kept you from having what you wanted
Emotional changes are often required for a quantum leap

Living in Higher Purpose
Life need NOT be hard

Recognizing Life Purpose - What are you here to do?
You live in a limitless world, you can expand beyond anything you know
It is only an illusion you do not have what you want
Fill your thoughts with what you want and you will have it
Life purpose is whatever path you desire, for all is free will

"I highly recommend this book. Even after many years on my spiritual path, this book just opens to the right page whenever I am pondering a problem." 
Richard Bingham 

In my opinion it's best to buy these books new so it's your own energy in them and not someone else's.

Living With Joy -paperback 193 pages

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