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Jounaling in a diary or journal is exciting using Inner Outings - The Diarist's Deck of 33 Cards and Book of Exploration by Charlene Geiss & Claudia Jessup


Inner Outings - The Diarist's Deck of 33 Cards and Book of Exploration

by Charlene Geiss & Claudia Jessup


“Keeping a journal will change your life in ways that you’d never imagine."

— Oprah Winfrey

"I estimate that there are hundreds of thousands of blank journals sitting in homes and offices, collecting dust, even as they call to their owners to record something of that person's day, a recent event, or an important memory. Are we unable ...or terrified... to write? There are dozens of reasons one should keep a journal, and as many forces preventing us from getting started or going deeper."

To help beginners embark on their inner journey and encourage and support experienced diarists to freely write their personal stories, I began the Diarists' Workshop in Santa Fe and developed Inner Outings.

Charlene Geiss has kept a journal almost from the time she could write — or use scissors and paste — and her journals are more than just a chronicle of her days and thoughts. They are works of art, combining writing and drawing with collage, and becoming unique and beautiful expressions of the complexity and joy of life. . 

Charlene began teaching others to journal in this manner a few years ago and, with the help of veteran writer Claudia Jessup, she created a deck of cards and a book that could assist readers and journalers to tap into their inner creative energies and by so doing to discover their truest selves. Journaling and writing books have been popular for many years, but now research shows that keeping a journal can be good for your physical as well as your mental and spiritual well-being.

The Diarist’s Deck consists of 33 unique and beautiful cards, each with a “legend” that corresponds to a question or statement that will inspire a journal entry. The questions appear simple, but they will open readers’ minds. 

The accompanying art is designed to encourage deeper and deeper exploration into readers’ inner souls. The text in the Book of Exploration expands on the legend of each card and provides further questions and statements to stimulate the imagination and help reach back into memory and forward into dreams. 

More than 18 writing techniques are suggested, as well as non-writing techniques such as collage and drawing for self expression. The many prompts will help journalers, artists, and those who thought they had little to say discover their own personal style.

The deck is designed to be used again and again. Depending on the mood and circumstances in which a journal keeper finds themselves, the legends may seem funny or poignant, bring up sadness or explore problems or frustrations. Each time a reader chooses a card for inspiration, they will discover new depths in both the words and art.

The title says it all: inner outings. Take your “inner” self on an outing; bring the best of your self up from the depths and explore it, discovering in the process how to use these inner outings to make your life more meaningful and to fully experience the joy and beauty around you.

Publication Date: September 15, 2002 Paperback 144 pages, 5.5 x 7.5” and 
33 four-color cards... I recommend buying new so it's just your energy in them...

“Confessional writing has been around at least since the Renaissance, but new research suggests that it’s far more therapeutic than anyone ever knew... Researchers found direct physiological evidence [that writing about your feelings and experiences is good for your physical health]: writing increased the level of disease-fighting lymphocytes circulating in the bloodstream.”

— Newsweek, April, 1999

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