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1. How do I buy something?

Online Ordering: To order, simply scroll through the products until you find the item you wish to purchase. Click on the Add To Cart button or Buy One Now buttons. That item will then be added to your cart. You can easily change or remove an item from your cart. Once you are certain you have things just as you want them, simply press the Checkout Button. We use SSL Security, so it takes a little more time to process your order securely, but it is the safest way. Be sure to pick a shipping option. Enter the credit card information requested, click on the Submit button and your transaction will be complete. It's as easy as that.

2. How will my order be shipped?

Our personnel have 30+ years of experience of shipping worldwide! Once you place your order, we swing into action and do everything to ensure your order is shipped within 2 business days, Monday thru Friday.

Shipping Price is a calculated by the weight of your order.

For shipping other than the options given in our Shopping Cart, Please e-Mail me  mailto:renee@nowgetcreative.com

We will E-mail you a confirmation that we received your order. We will also send you another email with your tracking information (NOTE: expect a time delay as we have to manually email you with that information)

We carry a huge inventory, but If we are temporary out of stock, we will notify you by e-mail, and will give you the choice to cancel or back-order the item, with an estimated date of delivery.

3. What about your Guarantee?

Again, as part of our effort to provide you with the best service on the internet, we offer a no questions asked, No-Risk 100% money back guarantee on everything you purchase from us, excluding shipping & handling, just return it in RESALEABLE CONDITION within 90 days, you pay the return shipping. 

4. Is my credit card information going to end up in the wrong hands?

We have as much to lose to credit card fraud as you do. Any breakdown in security whatsoever means lost revenue and lost customers. You can rest assured that we are highly motivated to ensure that every online transaction within NowGetCreative.com is secure. We use one of the largest web hosting companies to run our site from.

For that reason we have gone to great lengths to protect your privacy... Our shopping cart - where you provide personal information uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption with a security certificate from VeriSign. SSL encodes information transferred between your computer and our server and renders it unreadable to anyone attempting to intercept the information. Once we receive your personal information it is stored in a secure server which only properly authorized personnel can access.

5. Do I need an e-mail address to order from your company?

For Online Orders: The short answer is yes. By far the majority of our business is done via the computer. This is done to help us keep costs down so that we can take money that is normally spent on overhead and put it back into your hands. This is a big part of doing everything we can to provide the best service on the internet. If you have a serious problem that requires speaking to someone (see our contact info at top of this page), we will be happy to speak to you and ensure you are happy with doing business with us. Simply send an e-mail with your name and phone number (along with the hours you can be reached) and one of our customer service representatives will e-mail or phone you.

6. If I have questions on shipping cost before I place an international order, or for whatever reason, How do I contact you?


We are located in Tennessee.

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