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Hi, I'm Renée.  I use my dowsing, divination, and intuitive nature to make beautiful Pendulums using polished quartz stones 

Why Buy a Custom made pendulum?

  • SIMPLE - Because it will work better for you!

  • I charge it with very loving energy and ask for a blessing for you so you can find accurate answers to the questions you ask.

  • FAST - I make it and mail within 2 business days of receiving your order.

You can pick your color of stones, (except the 1-of-a-kind natural stones, because they are so different) then I pick the particular stone while saying your name which results in the highest positive swing with my pendulum. I also charge the stones with energy to assist you in getting in contact with your inner wisdom.

Between you and me - I do a lot when I make a pendulum - 1st I have to get the color for you, by saying your name - then I have to find the right stone of that color - yes, it makes a  big difference - I can have 10 stones of the same color and 1 will swing in a big, positive circle and the next stone may not even move at all!

The 2 stone pendulums are the best - the pointed Amethyst or Rose Quartz Point give the most precise info - especially if you are using charts, and the regular 2 stone pendulums are like 2 in one pendulums... I have found that holding one stone will work great for 1 type of questions and won't work at all for another - so switch to hold the other stone - and that will usually work. For example the pendulum I use to find the right stones for your name and town, will not work for asking any other kind of questions. 

You can tell me anything specific you are looking for in the comments part of the secure order form. 

When I do a 2 stone pendulum - I have to then match the 2 stones for the highest positive energy for you - Then I ask for a blessing for you and then ask an angel to go with the pendulum to assist you for finding accurate answers to your questions and assist you in your healing for the highest good of all concerned - then...
I cup it in my hands and charge it with love and healing energy.
Renée - NowGetCreative.com

Choices you can make  in our shopping cart,  Free pouch included:
a. amethyst stone or point
b. green quartz
c. clear quartz
d. blue agate
e. rose quartz stone or point
f. we pick any Natural 1 of a kind stones for you
g. Surprise me - leave it to our intuition to pick your pendulum

Sample views: Click on the image to enlarge it. Please realize these pictures can not show the true beauty of the stones, as they are natural, polished stones with various highlights, and being a natural stone, many are one of a kind, like in the right picture. 

I have found that a 3 inch chain works the best with the 2 piece pendulums -  Points are the best, 2 stone are better than 1 stone, as you have something to hold on to. Interesting enough, many people tell me that on the 2 stone pendulums - holding 1 stone, will feel more appropriate for one type of question then holding the other, so play with them.

 Click on the image to enlarge it.

5 Basic Styles Available (single stone not shown)

4 Basic Pend Styles Avail
5 basic Quartz Stones you can choose
5 Basic Quartz Colors Avail
Examples of 1 of a kind Natural Stones we use
1-of-a-kind stones avail

Amethyst Point
add a stone , comes with 4" chain
Point is about 1" long


Rose Quartz Point
add a stone , comes with 4" chain
Point is about 1" long

Your Choice: Prices include FREE First Class Mail Shipping & Pouch 

I'm FAST - I can usually make it and mail it within 2 business days of receiving your order.

REMEMBER, I Custom make these pendulums just for you at a very reasonable price, AND...  

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or return within 1 year for a full refund

Amethyst Point $21.00 - select color of "holding" stone in comments box & golden colored or silver color chain in options Add to Cart

Rose Quartz Point $21.00- select "holding" stone in comments box & golden colored or silver color chain in options Add to Cart

2 Stones with 3 inch Golden colored chain Only $14.98 Add to Cart

2 Stones with 3 inch Silver colored chain Only $14.98 Add to Cart

Single Stone with 4  inch Golden colored chain Only $9.98    Add to Cart

Single Stone with 4 inch Silver colored chain Only $9.98    Add to Cart

I know you will really enjoy working with the pendulum I will make for you!

If you want to buy pendulums for gifts, just include the person's name and town where they live in the special directions in the cart

Remember,  I make it and mail it within 2 business days of receiving your order AND I pay for 1st class U.S. mail postage (offer only available to orders going to a U.S. address),  so you should have it in 4-7 days.




Got the pendulum  today in the mail. THANK YOU. Love your choice, but could you give me the names of the stones? Rose Quartz maybe and some kind of Jasper? those were my guesses, but am not sure.
Also, a friend of mine wants you to make a pendulum for her also. Her name is Faith, and she was very impressed with your work. 
Thank you so much for your help.


> Hi Renee:
> I received the pendulums today and both are just beautiful. The amethyst is even  lovelier than the last one. Thanks so much for all your special attention!
> Lois


Hello Renee:  received my package yesterday.  It is beautiful and full of love.  When I did the exercises, it worked immediately for me.  I feel like I had a lot of negative energy associated with my other pendulum.  I will work today to free that up.  Bless you.  Ellen



Thank you for the pendulum.  It was delivered on Friday, and it is lovely.  
Thanks again.  Dianne


I received the teal stones and the amethyst stone in the mail yesterday and they are great. Since I received the first green quartz stone pendulum a few weeks ago, I have really enjoyed using the quartz stones as a pendulum in contrast to the stainless steel and brass metal pendulums I have used in the past.

They just seem to resonate with my energy better than the metal. Thanks for introducing me to them. You are also very prompt in your service.
Have a great day!
Ginger Sheldon


These stones make the best pendulums in the world. I've found nothing else that comes even close!!!! They are terrific!!!!
Debbie Martin


>Hope you enjoy the pendulum I made you!

Yes, I am - very much - thank you. It reads the energy very quickly and clearly and responds strongly. What kind of stone is it? It looks 
like some type of agate. Interestingly, I've been feeling the need 
for more of that color around me lately so it was nice to see it 
manifest that way :-). That's also positive feedback on your 
intuitive skills, if you will. 

Robin Rustad


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