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Creative Journaling   Creative Journal Expressive Arts

“Keeping a journal will change your life in ways that you’d never imagine."

— Oprah Winfrey

“Confessional writing has been around at least since the Renaissance, but new research suggests that it’s far more therapeutic than anyone ever knew... Researchers found direct physiological evidence [that writing about your feelings and experiences is good for your physical health]: writing increased the level of disease-fighting lymphocytes circulating in the bloodstream.”

— Newsweek, April, 1999

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Hi, I'm Richard the author of this site, I have known Dr. Lucia Capacchione for over 3 years now, she is both a good friend and my mentor in the Expressive Arts Therapy field... Note: I'm 6'1" and Lucia is standing on a box! ;-)

I had such major breakthroughs working with her books and audio's... They really helped me deal with my feelings from 2 wars, the death of my son, and relationship issues, etc. That my daughter and I started marketing her books and audio programs back in August of 2000. So I truly feel her books and audio's can help you too.

I know her work and Lucia and I have recommended journaling books and tapes for different areas of your life on this page.

We appreciate your continued support of our website by purchasing our books, journals, art kits, and art supplies including color markers and brush pens. (Great for stocking stuffers for Christmas)

I have a lot of information on this page, if you still have questions after reading it - please read about What is Art Therapy? or click live help at the bottom of this page.

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art therapy, journaling, creative journaling, lucia capacchione"The Creative Journal"
The Art Of Finding Yourself
2nd Edition

by Dr. Lucia Capacchione
Registered Expressive Arts Therapist & Art Therapist Registered

The Creative Journal-The Art of Finding Yourself has being used as a text in art therapy and creative writing and drawing classes, for many years. This NEW 2nd Edition, published in 2002, has an additional 20 pages of questions and answers she has received over the last 20 years. It is a visually stunning book, illustrated by the author, her students and clients.

"Over 30,000 workshop participants and over 500,000 of Dr. Lucia's books being sold since the 1970's... people  have discovered this natural way of accessing the power of their innate wisdom through "The Creative Journal Method" originated by Dr. Lucia Capacchione."

Since the 1970's, Pioneer Expressive Art Therapist, Dr. Lucia Capacchione,  has applied these principles of Art Therapy to personal journal work, that you can do by yourself in the privacy of your own home, to help yourself, with her 12 books which have sold a half a million copies.

Through Dr. Lucia's unique questions and exercises you will write and draw your own answers in your journal to:

  • Find solutions to life problems intuitively

  • Discover your innate artistic talents

  • Find out what your body really needs for healing

  • Unblock your creative energy

  • Use your natural wisdom to recreate the life you dream of

  • Heal past relationships and improve present ones

  • Dialogue with your inner child and inner family

  • What exactly is Journaling??? & Where is it used?

journaling, Creative Journal 2nd Edition cover (146502 bytes)

The Creative Journal - 2nd Edition includes 20 new pages of Q&A Lucia has been asked over the years…

The Creative Journal is a recognized classic in the field of art therapy and creativity. It contains over 50 writing and drawing exercises for getting in touch with one's feelings, dreams and Creative Self. There are techniques for removing creative blocks, building self-esteem and realizing one's heart's desire. It is written to both the novice and veteran journal-keeper, as well as group leaders and counselors. This visually stunning book is illustrated by the author, her students and clients. The Creative Journal Method brings out the artist and writer in everyone and is being used as a text in art therapy and creative writing and drawing classes. No special art talent is required.


Creative Journal for Children cover (64759 bytes)

The Creative Journal for Children 72 Simple exercises in writing  and drawing to foster your child’s creativity, self esteem, and learning goals Research shows that children's self-esteem and communication skills improve dramatically with Dr. Capacchione's Creative Journal Method. This practical guide for adults working with children from ages 5 to 15 is both a therapeutic and educational tool. Recommended for use at home, in school or in counseling centers. As young journal keepers express feelings and experiences in writing and drawing they develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills in a "whole brain" approach to learning.


Creative Journal for Teens cover (46919 bytes)

The Creative Journal for Teens – 2nd Edition …includes 20 new pages of Q&A.

Dedicated to the memory of Anne Frank, this book helps teenagers express their true feelings and thoughts in the safe, non-judgmental  atmosphere of personal journal-keeping. The growing pains of adolescence are acknowledged through self-expression in words and pictures. This journal method strengthens self-identity and confidence while improving written communication and artistic skills. An important tool for young people in clarifying personal goals and values. Illustrated by teenagers, this book is being used for counseling and in junior and senior high school classes in English, creative writing and art. 


jouranling, Creative Journal for Parents- cover (95350 bytes)


The Creative Journal For Parents - A Guide to Unlocking Your Natural Parenting Wisdom

Contains 44 simple exercises in writing, drawing, and collage. Illustrated with drawings and journal work this book covers a broad range of parenting experiences. Included are activities for all levels of parenting: pregnancy and birth, adoption, step parenting, blended families, parenting children in the early years to adolescence. 

For More Books and tapes by Dr. Lucia  click here


Inner Outings - The Diarist's Deck of 33 Cards and Book of Exploration by Charlene Geiss & Claudia Jessup
Take your “inner” self on an outing; bring the best of your self up from the depths and explore it, discovering in the process how to use these inner outings to make your life more meaningful and to fully experience the joy and beauty around you.
Released September 15, 2002 Paperback 144 pages, 5.5 x 7.5” and 33 four-color cards 

What is CREATIVE Journaling?

Keeping a Creative Journal is a tool for personal growth using writing and drawing, somewhat like a diary. Dr. Lucia's Creative Journaling questions and exercises are intended as a jumping-off point into your own growth and personal style of expression and can help you:
  • Express feelings and thoughts;

  • Play with new media of expression such as color, images and symbols

  • Sort out seemingly random experiences in your life;

  • Make more conscious choices and decisions;

  • Define and implement changes

  • Get a clearer picture of your creative potential and how to use it;

  • Deal with creative blocks and negative patterns;

  • Enrich your relationship with yourself and others;

  • Find deeper meaning in your life.

What Forms of Expression do you use?

  • drawings, doodles, and scribbles

  • prose and poetry

  • dramatic dialogs and letters

  • graphs and charts

  • and colors, abstract designs, images, and symbols

Creative Journaling is a tool for:

The most important thing about journaling is that it MUST be confidential. If it is not, then it won't work. Worrying about what someone thinks or will say about one's journal entries defeats the whole purpose of emotional honesty with oneself. Journaling for mental or physical health is nothing to be trifled with. It is a powerful tool and can unearth lots of emotions. That's why the guidelines in my books are essential about privacy, confidentiality, etc. I cannot stress that enough. My words come from 30 years of experience with this method, which I originated (drawing AND writing in a journal in a structured series of activities designed for personal growth)... Dr. Lucia Capacchione

As one student put it, "My journal has become my best friend, I can tell it anything."

To get a feel for her methods - Try some  FREE Creative Journal Exercises courtesy of Dr. Lucia and Now Get Creative.com

Also for more info read the page Dr. Lucia and I wrote: What is Art Therapy?

Continue reading for More Information...

Many journal-keepers report they began their journals during a crisis or major transition. These times are usually marked by important events, such as;

  • graduation from school;

  • seeking or starting a new career;

  • marriage or establishing a significant relationship;

  • birth of a child;

  • moving to a new location;

  • separation or divorce;

  • illness;

  • retirement;

  • death of a loved one;

These events are often accompanied by deep feelings such as pain, loss, grieving, confusion, anger, fear, and insecurity. 

At such times, you are often compelled to do some serious soul-searching.

 This is when Creative Journal-keeping can be extremely helpful as a means for sorting out your life experiences and feelings which seem overwhelming.

The Creative Journal Method has been endorsed by Bernie Siegel, Joan Borysenko, Gerald Jampolsky, Louise Hay, Charles Whitfield and Melody Beattie. 

The method is being used internationally for growth and healing in such settings as:

Of course, you do not have to be in a major or mini-crisis in order to benefit from journal exploration. For some, it is an essential part of the never ending process of personal growth. It can be a place to express joy, excitement, and creative ideas as well as a place of refuge in the storm. 

Her pioneering work with "The Creative Journal - The Art of Finding Yourself " has been supported by the following educators:

Dr. Raymond Terrell and Dr. Randall Lindsay, School of Education, California State University at Los Angeles, whose encouragement and support introduced this method into the public schools.

Roberta Curinga for her enthusiastic guidance as Director of our pilot project in the Garvey School District in Rosemead, California

Dr. Gerry McCormack, who introduced the Creative Journal to the Lawndale School District and the staff of Mark Twain Elementary School for their creative application in the classroom.

Zena Schaffer and the staff at Farmdale Elementary School, Los Angeles Unified Schools, for integrating this method into their curriculum.

Jean Katz for the opportunity to train special education teachers in the Los Angeles County Schools. 

How Do I Select The Right Dr. Lucia's Book For Me?

Tools for life and career planning, talent development and overcoming creative blocks.Documented in:

Treatment for creative blocks with professionals in the arts/entertainment industries and school programs for learning disabled or educationally challenged. Documented in:

Treatment for recovery from addictive behavior, substance abuse, co-dependence, eating disorders and obsessive/compulsive behavior.

Philosophy, methods and case studies documented in her books:

Writers - We Highly recommend you also check out Make Your knowledge Sell and Make Your Words Sell )

Free E-Mail Master's Courses on How-to-Write Copy & Sell your Knowledge & Ideas! 

About the Author

Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R., R.E.A.T. is an Art Therapist Registered & Registered Expressive Art Therapist, artist, psychologist, popular international workshop leader, author of 12 books, including her newest release, Living With Feeling - The Art of Emotional Expression by Lucia Capacchione, PH.D, A.R.T., and her best-selling Recovery of Your Inner Child. The originator of the Creative Journal Method, Dr. Capacchione is recognized as a pioneer in health and healing through creativity. As a career counselor, she has conducted job outplacement seminars, talent development, and corporate consulting for business and industry, including such clients as Hallmark, Mattel, and Walt Disney Imagineering. She lives near Big Sur, California

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For detailed info on Lucia Capacchione  please see 
About Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D, A.R.T., R.E.A.T.

Please See:
FREE Online Creative Journal Exercises

How Do I Select The Right Dr. Capacchione's Book For Me?

Putting Your Talent To Work  by Lucia Capacchione

Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams  by Lucia Capacchione

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The Creative Journal For Parents - A Guide to Unlocking Your Natural Parenting Wisdom  by Lucia Capacchione

The Creative Journal for Teens - Making Friends With Yourself by Lucia Capacchione

The Creative Journal for Children by Lucia Capacchione

The Power of Your Other Hand - A course in channeling the inner wisdom of the right brain  by Lucia Capacchione

Recovery of Your Inner Child by Lucia Capacchione

About Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D, A.R.T., R.E.A.T.

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