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Expressive Arts Therapy Books
by Dr. Lucia Capacchione, A.R.T., R.E.A.T.

Dr Lucia's easy do-it-yourself guide books are great for dealing with your life...

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Living With Feeling The Art of Expression
The new "textbook" for the Expressive Arts Therapy field

A comprehensive guide to dealing effectively and creatively with emotions through time-tested expressive arts therapy techniques. Illustrated throughout with arts therapy projects of the author's clients - drawing, painting, clay modeling, dance, music, mask-making, journaling - Living with Feeling is rich with inspiring stories of personal triumph. It presents the keys to making peace with our emotions and developing emotional intelligence by giving feelings a voice through the power of creative expression.

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Recovery of Your Inner Child "A Complete Course in Re-Parenting the Self"

If you follow this program from beginning to end, you will be able to heal your relationship with yourself and with others. And finally feel good about yourself.

This highly acclaimed bestseller guides readers in a firsthand experience of the Inner Child, the emotional, playful, creative and spiritual self. Right brain journal and art activities, include work with the non-dominant hand. Dr. Capacchione presents her ground-breaking approach to reparenting the self. Readers explore all aspects of the Inner Family as Child Self as well as the Inner Parent (the nurturing and protective as well as the critical parent). Endorsed by experts: Charles Whitfield, Melody Beattie and Louise Hay, this book has become a classic in the field of Inner Child/Inner Family healing. It is being used in treatment centers worldwide, especially with survivors of child abuse and those recovering from addictions. Read the testimonial

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The Creative Journal - 2nd Edition includes 20 new pages of Q&A Lucia has been asked over the years…

The Creative Journal is a recognized classic in the field of art therapy and creativity. It contains over 50 writing and drawing exercises for getting in touch with one's feelings, dreams and Creative Self. There are techniques for removing creative blocks, building self-esteem and realizing one's heart's desire. It is written to both the novice and veteran journal-keeper, as well as group leaders and counselors. This visually stunning book is illustrated by the author, her students and clients. The Creative Journal Method brings out the artist and writer in everyone and is being used as a text in art therapy and creative writing and drawing classes. 

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The Creative Journal for Children 72 Simple exercises in writing  and drawing to foster your child’s creativity, self esteem, and learning goals Research shows that children's self-esteem and communication skills improve dramatically with Dr. Capacchione's Creative Journal Method. This practical guide for adults working with children from ages 5 to 15 is both a therapeutic and educational tool. Recommended for use at home, in school or in counseling centers. As young journal keepers express feelings and experiences in writing and drawing they develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills in a "whole brain" approach to learning. 

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The Creative Journal for Teens – 2nd Edition …includes 20 new pages of Q&A.

Dedicated to the memory of Anne Frank, this book helps teenagers express their true feelings and thoughts in the safe, non-judgmental  atmosphere of personal journal-keeping. The growing pains of adolescence are acknowledged through self-expression in words and pictures. This journal method strengthens self-identity and confidence while improving written communication and artistic skills. An important tool for young people in clarifying personal goals and values. Illustrated by teenagers, this book is being used for counseling and in junior and senior high school classes in English, creative writing and art. 

Creative Journal for Parents- cover (95350 bytes)

The Creative Journal For Parents - A Guide to Unlocking Your Natural Parenting Wisdom

Contains 44 simple exercises in writing, drawing, and collage. Illustrated with drawings and journal work this book covers a broad range of parenting experiences. Included are activities for all levels of parenting: pregnancy and birth, adoption, step parenting, blended families, parenting children in the early years to adolescence. 


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The Power of Your Other Hand - Revised Edition includes 20 new pages of Q&A. This book presents Dr. Capacchione's ground-breaking research and fascinating case studies. Included are techniques for accessing the healing power of the right brain through writing and drawing with the non-dominant hand. Praised by leaders in health and psychology such as Bernie Siegel, Joan Borysenko and Norman Cousins, this book applies Dr. Capacchione's method to healing the body, the Inner Child and relationships. Simple tools for discovering the artist, teacher and spiritual guide within enable readers to directly experience their own well-spring of creativity and innate wisdom. 

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Putting Your Talent to Work Identifying, Cultivating & Marketing your Natural Talents

Career choices and job-search are becoming increasingly problematic in this era of down-sizing and restructuring. A complete guide to finding one's true work, this book contains proven methods for identifying, developing and marketing talent. Included are tools for breaking through psychological blocks and self-doubt interwoven with inspiring success stories. The authors offer techniques for listening to one's heart's desire, keeping a Talent Journal and getting support for fully expressing talent in the workplace. Inspiring success stories are taken from both authors' extensive experience in career counseling and talent development. 

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VISIONING- Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams (Hardback & Paperback)

A practical and lavishly illustrated guide to realizing one’s true dreams. Through Photo collage-making and journaling, one is lead on a playful inner journey to the Creative Self. As the dream unfolds in a "vision map," the tools are given for dealing with inner obstacles of fear, self-doubt, and criticism. Successful "visionaries" tell their inspiring stories of success and share their collages. 

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Lighten Up Your Body-Lighten Up Your Life - Beyond Diet & Exercise the Path to Inner Change. This book is the first to take the "heaviness" out of the issues of weight and body image. It contains 50 delightfully creative drawing and writing activities for transforming negative attitudes and beliefs about one's body. With their exuberance and humor, the authors inspire self-acceptance and self-love by discovering the natural "light" body within. Endorsed by fitness experts, Suzy Prudden and Nancy Bonus, founder of the Bonus Plan for Non-Diet Weight Control, this book focuses on learning to feel comfortable in your body and nurturing the hungry child within. 

 Try a Free Weight Loss Exercise from her book "Lighten Up"


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The Picture of Health - Healing Your Life with Art In this pioneering book, the author presents simple techniques for decoding messages contained in the body. Insights gained from art exploration are expressed in journal writing and inner dialogs. Methods include: scribbling and drawing for releasing stress, collage and mandala-making for creating "visual affirmations." No special talent is needed, only the willingness to express one's Creative Self. Included are techniques for changing negative beliefs, healing the Inner Child and creating support groups. The book is richly illustrated with journal writing and art work from participants in Dr. Capacchione's health and healing workshops. 


wellbeinglg302.jpg (55000 bytes)The Well-Being Journal-Drawing on Your Inner Power to Heal: Health research shows that writing about one's illness or chronic pain strengthens the immune system and reduces dependence on medical intervention. This book contains drawing, writing, imagery and meditation techniques for enhancing health and well-being. The reader learns how to identify psychological causes of stress or disease and how to create a self-nurturing lifestyle. This book is based on the author's training programs for health care professionals and workshops for persons living with AIDS, HIV positive, cancer and chronic pain. 

Would you rather listen to  a "Workshop on Cassette Tapes?"


The Wisdom of Your Other Hand - 5  Cassette Tape Set Approx 1 hr. each for about 5 hours of Dr. Lucia's workshops...

A great overview of Dr. Lucia's work. Case studies and journal work on:

1. The Body as Storyteller - 
Finding the inner Healer through creative expression

2. The Inner Family - 
Reparenting the Inner Child through developing a Nurturing & Protective Parent within

3. Meaningful Work - 
Aligning with the Creative Self in shaping a career and realizing one's dreams and wishes

4. The Relationship Dance- 
Discovering the inner relationship with oneself and how that impacts relationships with others

5. Art Therapy & the Creative Journal - 
Exploring feelings, dreams & wishes through right brain imagery and language


What is Art Therapy?

Recommended Art and School Supplies to work with her books

Index - Free Online Creative Journaling Exercises by Art Therapy pioneer, Dr. Lucia Capacchione, Art Therapist Originator of the Creative Journal Method


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