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High Acceptance
Reviewed by Ira L. White  of http://www.irawhite.com

High Acceptance: Your Power to Be Free is a book that pulls no punches. Jay S. Powell, the author, is a man who has lived his book. He brings the experience of a lifetime to his work. His hard hitting plain talk gets right to the point. His underlying premise is seen in the following quote from the book:

Most of our shortcomings are based on certain negative assumptions, such as, “Everything is against me.” “It is not possible that I can get it done.” “I cannot have it.” “I can never know it.” All assumptions have the same value until proven correct, so why not assume the highest possibility? It takes the same energy.

Powell further states, “When a person begins to react to every circumstance with a God-minded attitude, that person begins to realize that every good thing is truly possible.” Powell goes on to show the reader the stages of acceptance and how to get there. He proves his points well and illustrates them with examples from his life. No words are minced. Jay Powell gives it to you straight. There are many self help books out there, but none as plain talking as this one. Intense and easily read, High Acceptance will take you on a journey of discovery - a journey to the very center of your being.

The book seeks to teach the lessons of life that Jay Powell has learned. A key part of the process the reader goes through is the questions at the end of each chapter. One who reads this book and answers the questions truthfully will cement the knowledge Powell is passing on. At the back of the book is a set of frequently asked questions that provide an outline of his teachings. Two thumbs up for High Acceptance!

Jay S. Powell is a Doctor of Divinity and a Doctor of Metaphysical Science. He is also a world traveler. He has done radio and TV appearances as well as workshops. My personal experience of him is that he has an engaging, electric personality full of love and understanding for his fellow human beings. In his mind is the wisdom of the ages.


Dedicated In loving memory of my brother, Ricky Bingham, forever 18
June 4, 1979 to June 6, 1997

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