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Welcome to the realm of High Acceptancelink to curriculum vitae for Dr. Jay

I am the author of High Acceptance, Your Power to Be Free

My name is Jay Powell. Many of the people I have counseled and worked with as a minister through the years call me "Dr. Jay." I would like to share a little bit about myself and how I came into the understanding of the dynamics of High Acceptance.

My memories extend back to being in my mother's womb, and I also remember my birth. I was able to verify details of these experiences with my mother before she passed away. I seem to have been born with a deep interest in questions of life and its meaning. 

At two years of age I lived with my family in the Pico Gardens projects on the east side of the city of Los Angeles. The year was 1944. I recall sitting at the foot of my bed watching sunbeams crisscross my room. I was captivated by the movement of dust particles floating in the glow of the sunbeams. Somehow, this scene compelled me to begin questioning. 

As I watched the dust particles drift in the light, I asked myself, "Who am I really? Where did I come from? Is this all there is?" At the time, I felt completely alone in my search. 

Later, I discovered that questions such as these fill the minds of many individuals who search sincerely for meaning in and behind life.

As a child, I was small in stature, yet I often found myself defending others. My father was a gentle man, who regularly admonished me not to be a physical fighter. I did my best to obey him. 

My resolution not to fight would last until I saw someone taking advantage of a smaller, weaker person. Then I would jump into the fracas with the fury of a wild man, though I would not raise my fists to defend myself. 

To some people, I seemed to be a coward. I wondered many times why it was that someone larger and apparently stronger saw fit to misuse and mistreat a smaller, weaker person. 

Could it be that the soul of the weaker person attracted such an experience to himself in order to learn lessons regarding the true nature of strength, to deepen his understanding of the beauty of his true self?

My stepbrother was a scrapper, and it was his custom to choose larger, stronger adversaries. I decided that someone with as much self-confidence in himself as he demonstrated warranted close observation. I sensed he would always find a way to win. 

Again, I questioned. What was this confidence? Where did get it? Was he born with it? Was he taught how to be confident? I had a strong desire to know, because I had a strong desire to become that confident myself. 

My brother seemed to have an abiding sense of who he was and he was driven to test what he knew about himself.

I lived with great admiration for those who had such self-assurance. I wanted to know myself, and I recognized that the only way to do so was to test myself in similar adverse conditions. 

Thus, I became a fighter, and I discovered a secret: If I accepted that I could and would survive the ordeal, I'd be less afraid of failing. I also discovered that I would gain understanding in the aftermath. This was of significant benefit later in life, in different circumstances and conditions, for I found it applied to many arenas, not just the physical.

This was the beginning of my understanding of High Acceptance. When I found myself in an uncomfortable situation, I would project pictures in my mind of the situation ending, and of myself emerging victorious, while outgrowing the condition. 

Things began to work out as I had imagined! I found that IT ALL BEGINS IN THE MIND. I began to discern between low and high acceptance. 

Positive self-talk and imagination became powerful allies! At that time, I did not know anything about a Higher Power or a Supreme Being, but I intuited that there was something powerful behind my experiences. I did not know what it was, and that piqued my curiosity.

I was subjected to physical, mental, and emotional abuse as I was passed around to various family members during my early development. 

I practiced envisioning myself in different places, and I imagined escaping those who abused me; eventually I escaped and I went to those places I had envisioned. 

Because I pretty much raised myself, I learned early that we pay for our actions. I flunked the second grade because I played hooky for a whole semester. One setback was all I needed to teach me that lesson. I have no taste for the payback.

In junior high and high school, I forged letters to transfer myself to different schools without my father or mother getting wind of it. I needed to go out and meet the world, shake hands with it face-to-face, and get to know it. I was an experiential explorer into mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. To this day I welcome change and unexpected challenges.

When I was 14, I got involved in some criminal activities, and it was this that led me to an understanding of God, the Creator, the All-Loving, Intelligent Life of the Universe. 

I was in a high-speed car chase from the police when I had a close encounter with a cement wall. I seemed removed from time and space, and as the car met the wall, I watched the windshield crack into tiny pieces slowly from left to right. 

My next awareness was of waking up about a block and a half away, face down on the street, without a scratch or a single broken bone.

I realized it was an impossible occurrence, unless there was some unseen power, which I now call God, working on my behalf, and for some purpose. It was then I began to develop a relationship with the Divine, and to accept that there is a purpose for my existence.

Through the following years, I continued to expand my relationship with God, and to explore the enormous power for good that He wields on our behalf. 

After years of intense study and application I received a Doctoral Degree from The University of Metaphysics in Los Angeles, California. 

I set about to prove certain principles and powers given to us by the Creator, and it is these that I share in the Acceptance book. I am about spirituality, not religion. I am about the power of the individual to have a direct relationship with God.

My friend, if you are still reading, I believe you have begun a new chapter in the book of your life. 

You are rewriting your story in a way that is sure to bring you more freedom, more joy, more love and inner peace. You are on your way to having a clear sense of your purpose and your place in the world. You are ready to know your true Self and to live its fullest expression, your God-given individuality.

Whether you attend a church or not, whether you have made big mistakes or not, whether you pray correctly, whether you are the best you can be, whether you have said the wrong things at the wrong time, whether you think you are worthy or not, you have been granted the opportunity for a new beginning. 

What are you going to do with it?

If we, here at High Acceptance, can be of benefit or assistance in your future, please contact us. In the name and the nature of The Maker, The Source, The Most High, we bid you adieu, until next time….


Printed Book 203 pages paperback
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Dedicated In loving memory of my brother, Ricky Bingham, forever 18
June 4, 1979 to June 6, 1997

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