Take some colors and make some marks on your journal page. 

Try "messing around." Don't attempt to make "Art" or to draw a "picture" or plan any particular design. 

Don't think or preconceive what it will look like. Just let it happen. Let whatever wants to come out appear on the paper. Play with the colors. Find out what kinds of lines, shapes, textures, shades of color you can make. Do this as long as you like.

Uses: Especially helpful if you feel nervous about drawing, afraid you "can't draw" or will make "ugly art." It's also useful as a relaxation technique if you are tense or tired. You can turn your head off and just fool around without any goal in mind.

This is a good way to loosen up and get started, the way dancers limber up their bodies or musicians tune up their instruments. These drawing and writing tools are your instruments and you need to know them and what you can do with them.

Warm Up  

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