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Use two pages side by side. On the first page, document your dream by writing it out. 

On the facing page, write down a "translation" into everyday terms connected with your life at the present time. Do this sentence by sentence, underlining the key words in both texts.

Uses: This method is intended to help you make a connection between the dream story and your current life situation. With practice, you will become more skilled at finding the hidden messages.



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Crossing the River



Entering a New Career


It is mid-day and I am walking across a large, flat meadow.


  I am middle-aged and steadily moving foreword. I have lots of freedom now.


As I walk I see a beautiful woods ahead in the distance.


  I see a new career as a writer ahead. (Being in the woods always inspires me to write.)


As I get closer to the woods, I see a river separating me from it. There are sharp rocks and rapids.


  There are obstacles in the way, keeping me from my goal of becoming a professional writer.


I can't swim across (dangerous) and I'm afraid to walk for fear of falling from the rocks.


  I'm afraid of failure given my present financial resources and conditions. Survival needs must be met.


First Name

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I decide to look up and down the river bank for a way across. I see a bridge (indicating that others have solved this problem before me.)


  However, I'm determined to reach my goal of writing professionally. I need to research my first writing project and structure the work, set specific goal and schedules. I may need advice from experienced writers, too.


Learn How to Understand and Interpret Your Dreams... Click here


     End of Exercises                     

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