How the Creative Journal Method Works

You'll be guided through a series of journal activities. Each one is taken from one of my 12 books. These journal exercises have been thoroughly field-tested with hundreds of people of all ages and illustrations were contributed by my clients and students..

The activities you will be doing are only a sampling of my work, (covering twenty years of research and clinical practice). If you find The Creative Journal Method useful, there is a wealth of material in my books and tapes for application to your specific needs: physical healing, emotional release, career and life planning, weight control, recovery from abuse and addictions and more. My books and audio's are listed here ( click the links)

I recommend you buy them from Richard at

The Creative Journal: The Art of Finding Yourself 2nd Edition
The Creative Journal for Children 
The Creative Journal for Teens  2nd Edition
The Creative Journal For Parents - A Guide to Unlocking Your Natural Parenting Wisdom

Living With Feeling - The Art of Emotional Expression released 5-2001 

The Power of Your Other Hand 2nd Edition

Recovery of Your Inner Child
The Picture of Health
The Well-Being Journal
Lighten Up Your Body, Lighten Up Your Life (w/Johnson/Strohecker)

Putting Your Talent to Work (with Peggy Van Pelt)

Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams

The Wisdom of Your Other Hand (5 tapes - Creativity, relationships, physical healing, inner child work, art therapy, Creative Journal) 

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