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About Us?
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Our Mission

My family, (daughters Catherine and Renee, and myself - Richard Bingham, the Dad), is dedicated to provide you with life changing information, in our Self Discovery Bookstore, and excellent Aromatherapy and other health products to help you "Live the Life of your Dreams".

I  Know  Pain!  My life experiences have given me the empathy -  the understanding -  to help others.

I'd like to share with you from my heart. As a single Dad I tried hard to raise him right, but I lost my son, Ricky Bingham, 2 days after his 18th birthday, a very good creative kid, never in trouble, no drugs, only listened to classical music, a writer and an artist. His suicide just devastated me. 

I really believe that if I had known about Dr. Capacchione's books and had him work with them he would still be alive today. So I am donating all my time and money to get Lucia Capacchione's books out to as many people as I can...as profits allow, from selling our products, I am donating her books to help "The Creative kids that fall thru the cracks of our system". 

By that I mean there is grant money available for drug abuse prevention, alcohol and violence programs but nothing for "the good kids", who mask their problems so well - we never know until it's too late. Thank you for listening, and please buy our products and pass the word about our website...Richard Bingham

My Story: To help heal my life from the emotional damage of 6 years in the U.S. military, including the June '67 Arab-Israeli War while in Tripoli, Libya and the Viet Nam War in '72. All the years of craziness of trying to ignore the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, "PTSD", lead me on a varied path, from years of service to churches, business success and failures and finally - a total nervous breakdown,  the beginning Viet Nam Veterans Outreach programs of the U.S. Veterans Administration, then - searching for deeper answers, I embarked on a self-healing quest, since 1988.  

This path finally led me to working with Mae St. Claire, 80, Director of Research, of  the A.R.E., in Virginia Beach, Va., in 1988. Here I found answers that satisfied the "engineer" and electronics technician part of me and also on a deep soul level. Mae convinced me in June of '88 to quit alcohol, "cold turkey" as it was a dangerous crutch; however,  it took me 3 months to get off my other crutch, 15 cups daily of coffee. 

I have used and taught about the use of Aromatherapy/Essential Oils since '96. I have been a licensed Massage Practioner since '90 in Phoenix, Arizona. Spent time with Dr. Bill McCarey, M.D. at the A.R.E. Medical Research Clinic and Dr. Terry Friedmann, M.D.  who has used and written about Essential Oils in his practice. Both of Phoenix, AZ

No, it didn't "cure" the war "PTSD", but it helped a lot. Moved from Phoenix, Arizona to get my son out of big city Phoenix into a small town "Artist Oriented" school system- Sedona, Az until he graduated from high school... then the roof fell in...

I was a single Dad. I came home and found my son; Ricky Bingham, a very gifted artist and writer, a Good Kid, never in any trouble, no drugs, no booze - chose to leave the planet June 6, 1997, 2 days after his 18th birthday, 13 days after graduating from Sedona Red Rock High School... 

Words have not been invented to describe the total devastation, the pain, the horror of opening that door to his room...

I officiated at the funeral. Made his tombstone from a big red rock that had laid outside, under his room's window...Then 3 weeks later, the lease was up at our house. Broke and homeless - I spent Two years, crying and wandering the country, struggling to overcome the intense pain of his death, all on top of "The Flashbacks"... to opening that bedroom door and wars in North Africa and Viet Nam. 

All without 1 drop of alcohol, not 1 cigarette, no crutches - just face to face with The Darkness, searching in The Light, for The Answer.

This led me back to the realization that helping others heal helps me heal.

This website is dedicated to being of service to others, especially Creative Kids, as a means of making, my son - Ricky Bingham's life have meaning and a way to heal the immense pain I feel.

Ricky Bingham(5210 bytes)

"The Strength We Have Within Us
 The Memory of it's Strength Within Them
Swallow Hard & Feel the Emptiness
Become an Artist
A Deep Richness That Almost Hums"

Written March 7, 1997, in Sedona, Az., by Ricky Bingham,
 June 4,1979 to June 6, 1997

Visit Ricky's web-site he built and won a "Distinguished Exhibition Award" from Sedona Red Rock High School, May of 1997. NOTE: his poems were REQUIRED homework by his English teacher...we didn't find that out for months after "he left".


To teach and empower people to deal with "The Creative Cycle"  with all it's ups and downs.     "YOU'RE NOT CRAZY - YOU'RE CREATIVE".
To let them know that it's ok to be different - "a Nerd, a Geek, an Engineer, a Writer, an Artist, an Actor or Actress, a Musician - A CREATOR".

To ASSIST you to FIND what you came here to do.

  • To REALIZE your full creative potential for a joyful, happy, and healthy life.
  • To FIND the Master Within Yourself
  • To UNLEASH your Inner Healer and Creative Genius
  • To TAP into the POWER Within Yourself

How To Put your TALENTS, GIFTS, and IDEAS to WORK For You

  • How To MANIFEST those ideas into physical reality
  • How to SUCCESSFULLY MARKET your gifts, talents, ideas, and creations!

To MANIFEST the Blessings of your Passion, Joy, Love, Health.

To Find the INNER STRENGTH of Knowledge, Personal Power, Wealth - Whatever SUCCESS means to you

To get coping tools,  like Lucia Capacchione's art therapy books and tapes, out to Creative kids, 

  • To Schools
  • TV
  • "The Net"
  • Libraries
  • Churches
  • Workshops, Summer Camps, - Whatever it takes

To Save A Life - To Enrich All Life; We do this by sharing Love, Knowledge, Wisdom, and imparting our Courage to everyone we meet.  So we can make this a better place to Live, Play, and CREATE!

By Richard E. Bingham, Ricky's DAD 

Why Buy From us?

Our Net Profits are donated to ...

The formation of "THE RICKY BINGHAM MEMORIAL FOUNDATION" to get coping tools out to ASSIST CREATIVE KIDS! The kids that fall thru the cracks of our system - like my son - Ricky Bingham - The ones who are different - That march to the beat of a different drummer - That hear their own words and inner music - You know, like you are, deep inside!

This website is dedicated to being of service to others, especially Creative Kids, as a means of making, my son - Ricky Bingham's life have meaning and a way to heal the immense pain I feel.

This is why we are organizing the funding of the "Ricky Bingham Memorial Foundation" with the profits of this website. If you know of other resources to help in our mission, please contact me

Please support our mission of helping the
Creative Kids that fall thru the cracks in our system.

I have donated all my time and invested many thousands of dollars of my own money for over a year to build this website, owned by my daughter, Renee, helping people. This is my dream - a global - one person at a time - healing project.

I'm not rich: the money I invested was from what I receive from being a Service Connected Disabled American Veteran due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from my military service in Tripoli, Libya in '67 and Viet Nam in '72. 

There is a lot of money available to prevention programs for drugs, violence, smoking and alcohol abuse but none to help the "nerds, geeks, and artist types" that don't fit in-

Remember High School??? Maybe you were branded one of "Those"?

If you would like to help us in our "Outreach Program on the Web"... please buy our products And/Or you can help by making a donation to us

We are not listed as non-profit, but we have already donated many
books and art supplies to youth groups, teachers, and people as I meet them on the street. I was homeless for 2 years after my son's death, without one drop of alcohol or any other crutches - and have been alcohol free for over 22 years...I understand the problem

- will you please help?

Thank You,

Sure, I'll help by making a donation

Richard Bingham, Ricky's DAD and author of this site renee@nowgetcreative.com

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Dedicated In loving memory of my brother, Ricky Bingham, forever 18
June 4, 1979 to June 6, 1997

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