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Remembering The Day the Earth Stood Still

Jessie Allen Cooper's "9-11-01"  CD Press Release

LOS ANGELES-August 8, 2002  - September 11, 2001 is a date forever seared into our collective memory. As the one year anniversary of that tragic day approaches, many search for ways to commemorate the victims and heroes whose stories changed our lives forever.

In a fitting tribute which can be shared by all; producer, composer and saxophonist, and multi-instrumentalist Jessie Allen Cooper (himself a 7th generation American who traces his family history back to one of our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin) has captured the essence of that terrifying day in an extraordinary musical endeavor titled "9-11-01."

Beginning within minutes after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in the air over Pennsylvania, Cooper conceived and began writing what would eventually become an wrote an entire suite. 

In the days following, he produced an enduring tribute to a world-shaking moment in our history.

Incorporating sound bytes culled from the ubiquitous TV coverage, poignant vocalizations by Diane Vaughn and Serpentine and his own narration of the horrific attacks on America.

Tracks on this extraordinary release tell the tale of one man's reactions to those appalling events, through such titles as "Remix/President of USA," "Dark Tuesday," "Out of the Shadows," and "The End of Innocence".

"We searched online quite a bit and to our knowledge, we were the only team to incorporate live footage with our immediate reactions," says Brian S. Hanish, a Los Angeles film-maker who recorded much of the raw television material, "and Jessie was the only guy to record a full length tribute within the first few days after the tragedy."

However, the innovations didn't stop at sound bytes and guest appearances.  

"As the reality unfolded on the TV screen, recalls Cooper, "and we found out who the terrorists were, I decided to incorporate elements of Middle Eastern music into my compositions, I wanted to create a sense of a dual reality."

The result is Cooper's 11th recording project and his most ambitious venture to date a release which features instrumentation such as harmonium and middle east percussion".

Or, as the artist puts it, "Classical Middle Eastern music layered over contemporary urban musical techniques like looping, appropriation, and ambient jazz."

The finished work resonates with the composer's concern, not just for those directly affected, but for all humanity. An involvement further driven home by the fact that proceeds from this new album will go toward the Jessie Allen Cooper Children's Fund, which will help to bring the arts back to public schools.

Press Contact: Jessie has been interviewed  on many national radio shows and will be on TV in Los Angeles Sept 11, 2002. He is available for radio and newspaper interviews, and TV programs in Los Angeles, CA.

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