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365 Ways to Connect With Your Kids is a book that give parents (no matter their or your age)  new ways they never thought of, even with a busy schedule, to be present for their children
365 Ways to Connect With Your Kids

No Matter What Their Age [or Yours]

by Charlene Ann Baumbich


A Year's Worth of New & Creative Ways for Parents to Connect with Their Kids

Sounds like you've heard all this before, right?
If this book was just an activity book, the answer would be yes. BUT, this book is so much more than that because it gives parents new ways they never thought of to be present for their children in the midst of the busyness all around them.

Parenting is an uphill, downhill, fun-inducing, sometimes slam-dunking ride. Yet, author Charlene Baumbich believes that rather than enjoying the ride, far too many parents are stressed out and filled with fear.

Too often, it's all about them and how they're doing as parents rather than about their children and the relationship between you.

365 Ways to Connect with Your Kids was written to help parents let go of their fears and believe in the warmth and wisdom they have to bestow on their children and be open to the spontaneity, enthusiasm and lessons their children have to share.

Through a series of mini stories about connectedness in action - as well as a few examples of what being disconnected looks like - 365 Ways will help you connect with your children in a hands-on, positive, fun, thought-provoking, warm and rewarding way for both of you.

No matter what the age of your child or yourself, it is never too late to try something new or re-nourish something old and meaningful.

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Charlene Ann Baumbich is an author, speaker, award-winning journalist and humorist. But most important, she is the mother of two grown sons with whom she continues to be joyfully connected.




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